The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


24. Swallows Tattoo 2

‘I’m soaked,’ I said, wiping my nose with my wet sleeve. We got inside the flat but didn’t turn on the lights.

‘Let me get you out of these clothes then,’ Harry said huskily, slamming into my back. He wrapped one arm around my waist, pulled my hair to one side and pulled my blouse down from my shoulder. He grazed his lips from my shoulder to the back of my neck, pressing his body against mine. He let out a throaty moan and I closed my eyes, feeling a shiver crawling down my spine. Harry’s phone rang and with his lips lingering over my skin, he sighed heavily. When he answered it, I took his hand and walked us to his bedroom.

Did you propose to Bess tonight?’ I heard Zayn calmly asking on the other end of the line and I remembered the moment Harry went down on one knee outside the tattoo shop. He nearly gave me a heart attack but I loved him to bits nonetheless.

‘No, mate, why?’ Harry asked. He fell on his back on the bed, pulling me with him. When we landed, my face was inches from his. I kissed him on the nose and below the eye, touching his ribs. I could feel his heart beating through his chest. It drove me crazy.

Well, for one thing, there’s a picture of you down on your knee with a ring box in your hand trending on twitter,’ Zayn replied.

‘I didn’t propose,’ Harry said. ‘I was being romantic.’

‘My poor misunderstood baby,’ I whispered, kissing him below the ear. Harry chuckled.

Haz, what were you thinking?’ Zayn scolded.

‘I wasn’t,’ Harry replied. ‘I just had the urge to tell Bess how much in love with her I am and I did.’ In the dark, I smiled and pressed my mouth against his. He parted my lips with his tongue, meeting mine, while I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.

The minute Liam found out, he tweeted that you and Bess were meant to be and that he was only an obstacle,’ Zayn informed. Harry and I pulled away from each other at the same time. ‘Call him and talk to him, yeah?’ Zayn advised and Harry told him that he would. They hung up.

‘I feel horrible,’ I cried. ‘I want to call Liam.’ I tried to get up but Harry held me tight against him.

‘We’ll call him first thing in the morning, Bess,’ Harry persuaded and yanked my blouse over my head before I could react. He rolled us over, positioning himself above me. ‘Tonight, it’s only you and me,’ he softly ordered, unhooking my bra and leaning down to kiss me.


Early the next morning, we went back to Alek’s tattoo shop. Alek had called Harry, waking us up, and had convinced him that I should get that tattoo. He had promised Harry that he would let him color it, but under his supervision, of course. And here we were again, in the tiny tattoo shop. I took off my jeans and sat on the chair Alek had pointed at. Harry had given me one of his black boxers because he didn’t want me to be only in my underwear. I stared at Alek’s back while he prepared the needles. I was quite nervous. Harry was talking on the phone with his mom, trying to explain to her that he hadn’t proposed to me last night, but when he told her that he was about to give a tattoo, the woman flipped.

Harold Edward Styles,’ Mrs. Cox yelled at him. ‘Put Bess on the phone. Now!’

Harry groaned and I held back a laugh. He handed me his phone.

‘Hello, Mrs. Cox,’ I said while Harry shook his head, irritated.

Bess, darling, I think my son’s a bad influence to you. Don’t get that tattoo if you’re not 100% sure that you want it,’ Mrs. Cox advised all calm now. When Harry heard that, he clenched his jaw, gritting his teeth, but kept quiet because he knew it was impossible to win an argument with his mom.

‘He’s really not, Mrs. Cox,’ I replied, looking at Harry. I smiled. ‘I want that tattoo.’

Alek came close, holding a piece of cotton. It had alcohol on it. Harry got the phone, told his mom he’d call her back later and hung up. Alek sat on a stool in front of me and gently rubbed the cotton on both my thighs. Then, he grabbed the needle and looked at me. ‘Are you ready?’ he asked. Harry was standing right next to me with his arms folded. When I nodded, Alek winked at me, grinning, and started the tattooing machine. I jolted to its buzzing sound. It reminded me of the dentist. I hated going to the dentist. It stung when the needle touched my thigh and I chewed on my lower lip the whole time Alek was drawing the outline. I felt as if he was scratching my skin. When he was done, he got up and Harry took his place, putting on two surgical gloves. He was ecstatic. Alek showed him which needle to use and Harry grabbed it, leaning over my thighs. He put one hand behind my knee while the other began working on the tattoo. He was so focused that it made me smile. I looked at his hair, caressing the back of his neck.

‘Don’t distract me, beautiful,’ Harry said, serious, and I withdrew my hand. I sighed, looking around. I was bored. The pain was less now. Alek had gone away too. When Zayn walked in the tattoo shop, I waved at him excitedly.

‘The whole world is going crazy over what’s going on between Harry Styles and Bess Boone and you two are here getting matching tattoos,’ Zayn said, shaking his head and coming closer. He looked at my thighs, licked his lips and looked away.

‘I don’t care,’ Harry gruffly said, not lifting his head up.

‘How’s Liam? Is he angry?’ I asked. I felt guilty and worried.

‘No. He’s happy for you two. He’s only a bit sad,’ Zayn dully replied, putting his hands in his jacket’s pockets. He watched Harry tattooing for a while before he said, ‘Anyway, I’d better go pack if we’re leaving in a couple of hours.’

I frowned. What was he talking about?

‘Actually, we’re leaving in an hour, mate,’ Harry told him and then he warned, ‘Don’t be late again.’

‘Where will you go?’ I asked Harry and a few tears unwillingly gathered. We had just gotten back together. I didn’t want him to go away again so soon. Harry looked up at me and his bright green eyes softened when he saw that I was in the verge of tears. A warm smile was drawn on his lips.

‘We’re all going to my cabin in the woods for the weekend. We’ll drive by your flat after I finish the tattoo so you’ll pack a few things. Did I forget to mention it?’ Harry said with a wicked half smile and I hit him on the shoulder with pursed lips.

‘Stop giving me heart attacks,’ I complained, wiping away a tear that had escaped.

Zayn chuckled and walked to the door, saying over his shoulder, ‘I’ll see you in a while my little love birds.’ He left.

Harry leaned over my thighs again and continued tattooing. With his head bowed, he said, ‘I promised that I’ll never let you go again.’ Then, we were both quiet until he finished the tattoo.


I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Movellas but I like writing this story so it's all good.. :p I don't update as often now because I have quite a few books to read for my courses but I write whenever I can! I'm glad that you guys like my little story and again thank you for staying around, reading, commenting, liking and favoring it! Love you all :) xx

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