The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


1. Prologue

I looked blankly at myself in the toilet mirror. Long lashes, thick tongues of black eyeliner, blood red lips. I sighed, fixing my hair. I was an intern in a record company and for the past month all I did was serve tea and salad to the people who actually worked there. Today though was a big day for the company. One Direction would drop by to meet with one of the music producers. Fans were camped outside since last night, causing absolute chaos.

In the toilet, Sophie, the other intern, readjusted her pink gloss, ecstatically talking about the boy band. I nodded, not really listening to what she was saying, and searched in my Longchamp for the plastic bottle with the depression pills. My dad had passed away from cancer a year ago and I couldn’t shake off the sadness I felt all the time. The college’s counselor had prescribed them, but I hadn’t taken any yet. I was tempted.

When we left the toilet, Sophie still talking, I bumped on someone. Liam Payne had saved me from a most humiliating fall. Impulsively, he had grabbed my arms and held me close to him. His body was built and warm. The rest of the One Direction boys smirked, entertained, while Mike, the music producer, looked furious.

‘I’m really sorry,’ I said, embarrassed, and Liam let go of me, shyly mumbling a ‘never mind.’ He dug his hands in his jeans’ pockets and looked at the carpet. The company had warned me and Sophie not to fangirl in front of the boys in any way and make them feel uncomfortable.

‘This is Bess and Sophie,’ Mike said to the band and Liam looked up. He locked eyes with me but I blushed and turned away. Mike was still angry when he said, ‘They’re interns here. They’ll be serving us tea in the office.’ Then, Mike and the band walked past us in the hallway.

‘What an absolute jerk Mike is,’ Sophie complained, folding her arms. She went on, squealing, ‘Who does he think that he is?’

I shrugged. I didn’t really care about Mike. I didn’t really care about anything at all. ‘Are you coming?’ I asked, walking to the kitchen. We had a lot of cups of tea to prepare.


After serving tea and cookies to the band, I offered some to their bodyguard, Paul, too, it was time for the interns’ lunch break. I always went up in the roof with a cup of tea and a tuna sandwich. In the cold, I tried to light a cigarette, but the wind blew the lighter’s flame out. When I finally lit it, I took a long drag from it, felt the smoke fill my lungs, and blew it out.

‘That is really bad for you,’ Liam said from behind me. A little surprised, I turned round. His tone had been strict, teacher strict. He would make one hot teacher, I thought, biting my lip.

‘I guess you don’t smoke, then,’ I said, taking another drag, and when I blew the smoke out, he looked at me disapprovingly. He was such a good boy.

‘No, I don’t,’ he replied. ‘I would never ruin my lungs on purpose.’

Was he lecturing me?

‘Good for you,’ I said, irritably, and when I was about to suck the cigarette again, Liam took it from me, threw it on the ground, and smashed it with his foot. I gasped. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ I cried, hitting him on the chest.

Liam grabbed mt wrists. ‘You should quit,’ he said softly, smelling my hair.

‘I mean, honestly, what on earth!?’ I really wasn’t following what was happening.

‘Can I have your phone number?’ he asked.


‘Let’s be friends.’


‘Yes. Don’t you want to be friends with us? With me?’

I blinked repeatedly in absolute daze. ‘I guess …’

Liam chuckled. ‘You guess?’

I nodded. This was a Liam I and the whole world hadn’t seen before. There were hundreds and hundreds of fans just down the stairs but he wanted my phone number. I freed myself from him, cleared my throat, and gave it to him.

‘I’ll talk to you soon, then,’ he said, putting the piece of paper in his jacket’s pocket.

‘If you must,’ I shrugged, playing it cool. He smiled. Well, he was fucking adorable.

When he left, I lit another cigarette. In less than five minutes, screams and cries were heard from the fans outside the building. I looked down. The band walked to their black car and drove away.


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