The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


16. Mistake

Sunbeams bugged my eyes and I woke up. I stretched on the cold, wooden floor and realized that my back hurt from sleeping there. Harry was still asleep on his side next to me. His breathing was slow and heavy. I looked at him, stupidly smiling to myself for a while, before I looked at my watch. It was almost 9 which meant that everyone in the house must be up and about by now while Harry and I were outside the house and still in our pajamas. Well, me in my pajamas, Harry was in his … I gasped. He was naked. He had slept naked after all. He was a sneaky little thing, wasn’t he? I shook him violently.

‘Harry, wake up,’ I said but he didn’t react at all. I shook him again but again nothing. I glared at him. What was he, dead!? ‘Harry!’ I cried, pinching his arm and he finally moaned a little.

‘Bess,’ he called softly in a sleepy voice, extending his hands to catch me.

I grunted and thought, on no you won’t! I got up and searched for his underwear and when I found it, I threw it at him. ‘Harry, get up!’ I demanded, stomping my foot in the ground.

Harry took a deep breath, rolling on his back and rubbing his eyes. When he saw me, he smiled, ‘Morning, love.’

‘Harry, we have to go back in the house before anyone figures out that we slept out here,’ I told him, panicking just a tad.

Harry sat up and gave a really big yawn. ‘So what if they find out?’ he asked coolly, flipping his hair.

I crossed my arms across my chest and told him, ‘I am not discussing this with you. Get up and let’s go.’

Harry smirked. ‘You’re hot when you’re bossy,’ he said and I rolled my eyes, trying to mask the ridiculous amounts of attraction I felt for him.

‘Fine. I’ll go by myself then,’ I said and walked out of the little wooden house.

As I walked across the lawn, Harry caught up with me and when he took my hand, I hid a smile. He was wearing his underwear and open sweatshirt now. We got in the house from the kitchen door and saw everyone sitting around the kitchen table. They all looked at us and I froze. Harry’s stepdad was blowing on his tea with a grin on his face while Gemma mouthed to Harry, ‘I know what you did last night.’ Liam had an unreadable look on his face and Niall was of course eating. Mrs. Cox though was standing by the oven with a wooden spoon in her hand and she didn’t look happy at all. Harry walked to the table, dragging me along. He sat on a chair, pulling me down, too. I sat on his knees and avoided looking at Mrs. Cox. Harry put his arms around my stomach and asked casually, ’What’s for breakfast?’

Niall put his plate aside and rested back on his chair. ‘That was incredible,’ Niall breathed, running a hand through his hair and for a moment I wondered if sex made him as ecstatic and excited as food did.

‘Harry, let go of Bess,’ Mrs. Cox told him and Harry frowned. I, on the other hand, panicked and quickly tried to get up but Harry wouldn’t let me.

‘Why?’ he asked his mom, complaining.

‘Let Bess go,’ Mrs. Cox repeated, slowly and strictly, and Harry knew now that he was in trouble. He unfolded his arms from around me and I got up, not knowing what to do. Should I sit? Should I stand? Should I run away? ‘Bess, sit down, please,’ Mrs. Cox said and I nodded, sitting on the empty chair between Harry and Liam. She then said, ‘I’m disappointed in you, Harry.’

‘Why?’ Harry asked, eating a scone.

‘Niall told us what you three are doing,’ Mrs. Cox said, pointing her wooden spoon at Harry, Liam and I. ‘Bess pretending to be Liam’s girlfriend in public but actually is with Harry in private.’

The three of us glared at Niall, who shrugged. ‘You know I say things I shouldn’t when I’m hungry,’ Niall said and Harry, angry, threw his scone at him. ‘Hey,’ Niall complained, catching it. ‘Don’t waste food.’

Mrs. Cox went on with her lecture, ‘You three are acting like immature children and you’re all bound to get hurt in the end.’

Harry got up and went to hug his mother. ‘Mom, don’t worry,’ he said. ‘We know what we’re doing.’

Mrs. Cox calmed down now that Harry was hugging her. ‘I’m only saying that if things didn’t get complicated so far, they will very soon,’ she said and the discussion ended there.

I turned to look at Liam. He was already looking at me. He had been looking at me a lot since yesterday, I thought. I absolutely didn’t want to lose him or Harry. Harry sat on the chair and began eating his breakfast without talking. He acted as if what his mom had said hadn’t bothered him but it actually had, a lot. Liam was silent too. I nibbled a toast, not in the mood of eating anything right now and hoped that what Mrs. Cox had said wouldn’t come true.


The drive back to London was pretty quiet too. Harry was lost in his thoughts, Liam was writing lyrics in a notepad, Niall was playing his guitar and I was just looking outside the window. When we finally reached my block of flats, we saw that there were a couple of paparazzi outside the building. I don’t know why but I felt scared.

‘What do they want here?’ I asked, turning to Harry. I was sitting on the passenger’s seat again.

‘Well, you are supposed to be Liam Payne’s girlfriend,’ Harry replied bitterly.

‘Unless they suspect that something’s off,’ Liam said, looking outside the window at them.

Harry took my hand and squeezed it a little. ‘Don’t worry, yeah? Just walk straight into the building. Ignore them and if they ask you any questions, don’t answer.’

I nodded, got out of Harry’s car and began walking towards the building with my feet feeling like jelly. The paparazzi took photographs and I looked at the ground.

‘Why were you sitting in the passenger’s seat, Bess?’ one of them asked. ‘Did you have a fight with Liam or is it because you find Harry’s womanizing ways irresistible?’

He was so mean.

The same guy went on. ‘Do you miss your dad, Bess? Is it true that you smoke because of him? Do you love the boys’ attention because of him?’

He had stroke a chord right there. My eyes welled up and I stopped walking. Harry and Liam were on my side in no time at all.

Hey. Piss off, will you?’ Harry shouted at him and then cursed under his breath, ‘bloody prick.’

‘Stay away from her,’ Liam warned the photographers.

The two boys took me inside and up to my flat. Mina opened the door before I even put my keys in the lock and said, ‘We saw what happened from the balcony.’

Sophie was sitting on the sofa, biting her nails, and when she saw me, she jumped up. ‘I’m so sorry, Bess,’ she cried and blurted out, ‘That man came knocking on the door and asking questions about you. He told me he was from a magazine so I told him everything he wanted to know.’

I shrugged. I didn’t care. Depression was creeping up inside me again. I sat on the sofa and lit up a cigarette. I felt calmer for just a sec.

‘Bess, you don’t need that,’ Harry said softly.

I got up and looked at him for a moment before I told him, ‘You have no idea what I need. This, us, was a mistake. Now please leave me alone.’ I then went to my room, closed the door, leaned against it, finished my cigarette and went to take a shower, trying to think about nothing.


Thank you guys all so much for reading my story!!!!!! You're all great and it means a lot! :)

Now, I want to say sorry for not putting a warning on the chapter where Harry and Bess sleep together, as maybe some of you don't like reading erotic scenes, so, sorry about that! I changed the scene now so that it wouldn't be so blunt.

Love you all xx

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