The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


20. Losers Weepers Finders Keepers

Bess’ POV

‘I’m afraid,’ I told Liam when he turned the doorknob of the hospital room Harry was in. Liam looked over his shoulder at me. He was holding my hand and he gently squeezed it.

‘Don’t be. Harry’s fine. I promise,’ he said with the warmest smile but I knew he only said that to calm me down. Liam opened the door and we walked inside. I hid behind him and had my eyes shut. I was terrified of what I’d see. When I heard loud laughs and girly giggles, I frowned, opened my eyes and stood next to Liam.

Harry was sitting on the bed and he was laughing loudly with his head thrown at the back and his hands over his stomach. He was under the covers and he was wearing a hospital gown. His left wrist was in a cast but other than that he looked okay. His hair was perfect as always and he was as cheeky as ever. A blonde girl was sitting at the end of the bed and she was giggling with her hand over her mouth. The rest of the boys were there too. Niall was sitting on an armchair, Zayn was leaning with his arms folded against the wall and Louis was standing next to the bed. When Zayn saw me, he winked at me and Niall waved. Harry, Louis and the girl hadn’t noticed us coming in.

Liam shut the door behind him and they finally saw us. Harry fell silent when he saw me standing there and his smile was erased from his face when he noticed our intertwined hands. I abruptly let go of Liam and put my hands behind my back. They could do no harm there, I thought. Liam didn’t really like that though.

‘How are you, mate?’ Liam asked Harry, moving closer to the bed. ‘What happened?’

‘A wanker crossed the street at a red light and I crashed onto his car,’ Harry replied, groaned and shook his head.

‘You gave us quite a scare there, bro,’ Liam told him, patting him on the shoulder.

Harry’s eyes focused on me now. ‘I’m fine though, honest, only a broken wrist,’ he said and I felt as if he was only talking to me. ‘They’ll keep me in for the night though. They want to run a few more tests,’ he completed, looking away.

The girl got up from the bed and approached me. ‘I’m Rosie,’ she said, extending her hand. ‘I’m a Hollister model.’

At that, my confidence left me on my own. ‘Bess,’ I said and forced myself to smile when I shook her hand.

‘I’m Harry’s girlfriend,’ she stated proudly. ‘Are you Liam’s girlfriend?’

All five boys stared at me, waiting for my reaction. ‘No, Liam and I are just good friends,’ I replied.

‘Aw! That’s so sweet! That’s how it all always starts, right?’ she insisted, nudging me. She was really starting to annoy me.

‘Ha ha,’ I faked before I repeated, ‘No, really, we’re just friends.’

Louis, Niall and Zayn looked entertained. Harry and Liam didn’t.

‘Oh,’ Rosie said, disappointed. Then, she got all excited. ‘I’m Harry Styles’ girlfriend! Do you believe it!?’

‘I really don’t,’ I replied, glaring a little and Zayn couldn’t hold back a laugh.

‘Darling, can you bring me a cup of tea, please?’ Harry told her and she said, ‘Of course sweetheart, I’ll be right back. Don’t miss me too much.’

When Rosie left the room, everyone was awkwardly silent for a while.

‘I should go,’ I said, breaking the silence. I stared at Harry. I could never get enough of him. ‘I’m glad you’re okay,’ I told him and it was too painful that I couldn’t just walk to him and touch him, kiss him.

‘Thank you for coming,’ Harry replied typically.

So, this is it then, I thought. Was it supposed to end like this? I tore my eyes away from his perfect face and walked out of the room.


Harry’s POV

Harry watched Bess walk out of the room. She looked beautiful that morning, he thought, but on the other hand, she always looked beautiful. Harry hated himself for letting her slip away from him, again. He looked at Liam. ‘Were you two together? Are you still hanging out?’ he asked with a frown.

‘We went jogging,’ Liam replied coolly.

Harry pursed his lips and nodded before he asked, very serious, ‘Did you buy her the clothes she was wearing?’

‘Yeah,’ Liam said. ‘She needed my help with something and I – ’

But Harry cut him off and accused, ‘Are you honestly trying to buy her off now?’

‘She needed my help!’ Liam shouted before he calmed down and reminded him, ‘You broke up with her. You let her go. You have no right to complain about anything now.’

Harry fell silent because he knew Liam was right.

Liam folded his arms and added, ‘Besides, losers are weepers, finders are keepers.’

‘Ah, wow, that’s really mature, mate,’ Harry said irritably, shaking his head.

‘Zayn, where are you going, mate?’ Louis asked when Zayn headed to the door.

‘Their bickering is causing me a headache,’ Zayn said, pointing at Harry and Liam. ‘I’ll go have a fag. I’ll be right back.’

Rosie came back in the room, holding a paper cup with steaming tea in it. She carefully gave it to Harry, saying, ‘Here you go, honey. I love you.’

Liam, Louis and Niall all looked at each other with their eyebrows lifted while Harry chuckled, thanking her. Rosie then sat on the bed again and began stroking Harry’s leg and talking about how none of her friends believed how lucky she was to be with Harry Styles! Rosie was a nice girl but Harry felt absolutely nothing for her.

His mind was full of Bess.


Bess’ POV

The minute I walked out of the hospital room, my phone buzzed. It was Mike. It was a quarter after 7 so I guessed he was probably calling to fire me. I answered.

Where are you?’ Mike asked way too calm.

‘At a hospital,’ I replied. ‘A friend had a car crash.’

Is that friend Harry Styles?’

I was taken aback and I told him that yes it was.

Fine. Come to work when you can,’ Mike said and hung up. I stared at the phone wide-eyed, thinking, what the hell just happened!? I heard Liam shouting something inside the room and seconds later Zayn came outside too.

‘Oh, hey, love, what are you still doing here?’ Zayn asked, playing with his silver Zippo lighter.

‘My boss just called,’ I told him. ‘He was all kinds of strange.’

‘What do you mean?’ he asked, walking towards the lift.

‘I’m late for work so I thought he called to fire me but he asked me if I was with Harry instead and then told me to go when I can,’ I explained, walking next to him. ‘I mean, Mike’s not an understanding guy and all this is actually really scaring me.’

‘Yeah …’ Zayn chuckled, scratching the back of his head. Zayn was hiding something and it suddenly hit me. I narrowed my eyes at him.

‘What did Harry do?’ I demanded.

Zayn chuckled again, pressing the lift button a few times too many, pretty much avoiding replying. The lift doors slid open but I threw myself in front of him, not letting him get inside. I put my hands on his chest and looked straight into his eyes. I would not let him go away without telling me.

‘Bess, come on, love, what are you doing?’ Zayn asked a little embarrassed and his cheeks turned light red. ‘I need a smoke.’

‘Tell me what Harry did first,’ I insisted.

Zayn looked around before he sighed and confessed, ‘Remember that night you told him on ooVoo that Mike was giving you a hard time? We were in the US at the time. Well, the next day, Harry called Mike and warned him that if he didn’t start treating you better, One Direction would stop cooperating with his music company.’

‘Oh,’ I said and my hands dropped to my sides.

‘Harry might also have said to Mike that if he had any dirty thoughts about you, One Direction would give his company a bad name,’ Zayn added and laughed awkwardly.

I bit my bottom lip until it went numb, blinking. Then, I said sarcastically, ‘So, when I told Harry not to do anything about Mike, that’s how he interpreted it.’

Zayn laughed loudly and put his arm around my shoulder, saying, ‘Come on, love, I think we both need a fag now.’


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