The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


15. Little Wooden House (13+)

We went at Harry’s house at around 9 and hung around the fireplace for a while. Well, Liam, Harry and I anyway because Niall dozed off the minute he sat on the sofa. Harry’s mom, sister and stepdad came home a little after 1 and the four of us finally went upstairs. The arrangement, made by Harry of course, was that I would sleep with him on his bed and the boys on air mattresses on the floor.

When we were in Harry’s room, the three boys began undressing. I blushed so bad and I didn’t know what to do with myself. They were all out of their shirts in no time at all but when they were about to unzip their trousers, I quickly turned away.

‘Don’t mind me,’ I said, totally embarrassed. ‘I’ll just look the other way.’ They paid no attention to me and it took me only a second to realize that I could see their reflections on the window. Liam put on a pajama bottom while Niall stayed only in his white boxers. The two of them got comfortable on the air mattresses while Harry still wore his trousers and looked skeptical. He probably wasn't wearing any underwear. I turned round and he looked at me.

‘I usually –’ he began but I stopped him right there.

‘You’re not sleeping naked,’ I told him firmly, pointing my forefinger at him. Harry leisurely looked at me up and down and I don’t think I wanted to know what went through his mind those few seconds.

‘I wouldn’t dream of it,’ Harry finally said, a little ironically. He grabbed a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers from his chest of drawers and headed to the bathroom. Liam and Niall were hitting each other on the arm and were laughing. I rolled my eyes. These boys were something else. I grabbed my bag and headed to the bathroom too.

Harry came out of it and he grinned a little when I stared. How could I not!?

‘I want to change,’ I said, showing him my bag.

‘You awkward thing,’ Harry chuckled, coming closer. ‘I can help you change if you want,’ he said, playing with a lock of my hair.

‘Sweetheart, behave,’ Mrs. Cox told him, walking past us in the corridor.

Harry laughed before he put his hand on the back of my head and kissed my hair. ‘Don’t be too long,’ he said and went into his bedroom.

I returned to the room with no makeup on and in my large pink pajamas with the red hearts on them. Yes, that’s how sexy I was. Harry was already under the covers and he smiled when he saw me. I climbed on the bed and went under the covers too.

‘You must be really attracted to me right now,’ I joked.

‘You have no idea,’ he breathed, putting his hand on the low of my back and pulling me to him. I nuzzled against his chest. His body warmth was lovely. I spread kisses on his neck and chest and Harry softly moaned my name.

‘Guys,’ Liam called. ‘We’re still here.’

‘I don’t mind,’ Niall quickly said. ‘Go on then, if you must.’

‘Piss off, mate,’ Harry told him and I pressed my lips together, nestling in his chest. After a while, we all fell asleep. It had been a tiring day.


‘Bess, wake up, love,’ Harry called, gently shaking my arm. I groaned in complain and opened my eyes.

‘What do you want?’ I asked grumpily and he chuckled.

‘I want to show you something,’ he said.

It was still dark outside. ‘Can’t it wait till morning?’ I asked, hugging the pillow.

‘No,’ Harry replied, pulling me up. ‘Come on.’

Through sleepy eyes, I saw that he was wearing only his black boxers and an open sweatshirt. I rubbed one eye while he put one of his jackets over my shoulders. He then took my hand, dragged me out of his bedroom, down the stairs and out of the house. Icy wind smacked me across the face and I finally woke up. It was so cold outside.

‘Where are we going?’ I asked, holding his hand tighter and walking really close to him.

Harry didn’t answer but looked at me and smiled. We went in the backyard, where there was a small wooden house. We went inside and Harry turned on the light. I looked around. It was filled with boy stuff: toy cars, trucks and trains, lego bricks, a football, a basketball, a dart board with darts on it, a blue sleeping bag, a Transformers poster on the wall and empty beer cans all over the floor.

Harry laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. ‘Ah, sorry, love, I thought my mom had thrown away the beer cans,’ he said and his cheeks turned a light pink color.

‘What is this place?’ I asked him, smiling.

‘My dad built it for me when I was little,’ Harry replied. ‘We used to spend a lot of time here, the two of us. Then, my parents split up,’ he ended, shrugging.

I hugged him, pressing my cheek on his chest. ‘It sucks when people leave,’ I told him, listening to his heartbeat.

‘Yeah,’ he agreed, rubbing my back.

I looked up at him. ‘Why did you bring me here?’ I asked.

‘I woke up because I wanted to pee,’ he began and I really hoped he was going somewhere with this. ‘And when I came back to the bedroom, I stumbled on your bag.’

Oh fuck. I stiffened in his arms and my eyes widened.

Harry went on, ‘Everything fell out and I kneeled to pick it up.’

Shit shit shit. I gulped.

‘Guess what I found?’ he asked with a little smirk. He had found the condoms.

‘Mina and Sophie gave them to me,’ I quickly said. ‘I would never – ’

Harry kissed me and walked towards the wall, forcing me to walk backwards. He pressed me up against it and held my hands over my head. He looked at me and said, ‘I think I’m in love with you, Bess and I promise I’ll never leave.’ A few tears gathered in my eyes as I looked at his face, into his eyes. I knew he was being honest, at least for now anyway. We kissed again while he took off my pajamas and I his sweatshirt. Both in our underwear now, we lied on the sleeping bag with him on top. I could feel my heart beating through my chest and there was the loudest buzzing in my ears when Harry kissed my neck and breasts. Breath was hooked in my throat when he took off my underwear. Harry released hot breaths on my neck while he made love to me and I wrapped my arms around his neck, sinking my fingernails on his back. Minutes later, I cried his name and he moaned in pleasure. He rolled on his back and we both just lay there for a while, catching our breaths. Harry then sat up and handed me my pajamas.

‘Wear them,’ he ordered but softly. ‘I don’t want you to get cold.’

I nodded and when I did what he had told me, we lied inside the sleeping bag. He hugged me and smelled my hair.

‘I’ll never leave,’ Harry told me again, already dozing off.

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