The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


8. Let's Play a Game

‘I want to make a deal with you,’ Liam said, putting a glass of fresh orange juice in front of me.

‘What kind of a deal?’ I asked, politely putting the glass aside. My stomach wasn’t up for much that morning. After Harry had stormed out of my bedroom, I couldn’t sleep and when Liam called again a few minutes later, I inevitably answered. He asked me to meet him at his flat and I told him that I would.

Liam sat on the coffee table in front of me with his legs open. He touched my knees and leaned closer. He said, ‘There’s no pressure, you can say no if you like. Actually, I’ll understand perfectly if you say no.’

I smiled. No matter what, this boy would always be such a gentleman. ‘What’s the deal, Liam?’ I asked, a little impatient now.

He sighed and said, ‘I’m still madly in love with Danielle. And I want her back.’

I nodded, trying not to get too jealous about this. I was getting very protective of him. I didn’t want him to get hurt.

Liam sucked in a breath before he asked, ‘Would you pretend to be my girlfriend?’

I was stunned for a moment and ‘Wow’ was the only thing I could say.

‘Let me explain,’ Liam said. ‘When fans see me with another girl they’ll start asking for Danielle back. I’ve also been trying to convince everyone in the management company to hire Danielle as one of the dancers for our new tour. I can’t accept that it’s over and I’ll – ’

I interrupted him, saying, determined, ‘I’ll do it.’

Liam looked at me. ‘Are you sure?’ he asked, taking my face in his hands. ‘It won’t be easy. You’ll be thrown right in the spotlight and some fans may say really harsh things.’

‘I don’t care,’ I said. ‘I want to help you get back together with Danielle. You two belong together.’

Liam chuckled. ‘I think so, too.’ Then, he said, serious, ‘Before we got on with it though I need to know. Is there anything between you and Harry? Do you feel anything about him? He’s one of my best mates and I’d never do anything to hurt him on purpose.’

I looked down and shook my head as a no, denying my feelings for Harry. Liam put his hand under my chin, lifting my head up.

‘Doesn’t look so to me,’ he said, smiling.

‘What I feel about Harry doesn’t matter,’ I said. ‘Nothing will ever happen between him and me.’

Liam frowned. ‘Why not?’

‘Let’s go back to you and Danielle, yeah?’ I said, putting an end to the conversation.

Liam held both my hands and said, ‘Thank you for this.’

I shrugged and asked, ‘So, what do we do now?’

‘Well, I have to go to the studio now,’ he said, getting up. ‘But let’s have lunch at a really popular place. What do you think?’

‘I think, let’s do it!’ I said, getting up too. ‘Text me when you’re done, yeah?’

‘I will,’ Liam replied and looked at me for a moment. I was sure he was thinking whether he should kiss me or not.

‘Let’s not make this too complicated,’ I said really fast. ‘No kissing. Just hugging and staring dreamily into each other’s eyes, yeah?’

‘I agree,’ Liam quickly said, nodding frantically. ‘Shake on it?’ he asked, extending his hand.

‘Yes! Of course!’ I said, shaking it. As always, his hand was soft and warm.


I stood outside a restaurant in Leicester Square, smoking a Marlboro. Liam had told me to meet him there. It was a sunny day and the streets were filled with people. I sucked the Marlboro, feeling really nervous. Right now I was nobody, just another face in the crowd, but in a matter of seconds, the whole world would think I was with Liam Payne and all hell would break loose.

I saw the five famous boys walking towards the restaurant with their bodyguard right behind them. They were surrounded by tons of paparazzi and other people who were taking photos of them nonstop. When Harry saw me, his eyes widened. Apparently, Liam hadn’t let them in his little plan. It took Harry only a second to realize what I was doing there. He looked at me and then at Liam and shook his head, irritated.

‘Hi, babe,’ Liam told me when they were near and I threw the cigarette on the ground. Liam put his arm around my waist, kissed my forehead, and led me inside. The crowd and the paparazzi went crazy.

In the restaurant, Harry attacked Liam. ‘What the hell are you playing at?’ he asked him through his teeth. He didn’t want to cause a scene.

‘Let me explain, mate,’ Liam said, begging a little.

‘Explain what, mate?’ Harry said, ironically. ‘I told you how I felt about her only an hour ago and now you go and do this?’ He was angry and the vein on his neck was popping again.

‘What!?’ I jumped. ‘He told you what? What!?’

‘All this is lovely to watch, honest,’ Zayn interrupted, joking and went on, putting his hand on Niall’s shoulder, ‘But Niall’s hungry, so, can we move this party to a table?’

Niall rubbed his stomach. ‘I really am,’ he said, pouting.

‘I agree with the chaps,’ Louis said, joining Niall and Zayn. ‘Priorities people! First we eat and then we sort out whatever’s going on between you three, yeah?’

Liam, Harry and I glared at them for a moment.

‘Whatever, I’m out of here,’ Harry finally said, heading to the door.

‘Don’t go,’ I begged him, throwing myself in front of him.

He stared at me. ‘Why not?’ he asked. He was really pissed off.

‘For one thing the paparazzi will know something’s wrong,’ Liam said.

‘Do I look bothered, mate?’ Harry asked, nonchalant.

‘You can’t go, man,’ Zayn said, patting him on the shoulder. ‘You’ll cause a lot of trouble if you do. Let’s have some lunch and Liam will explain everything later.’

Harry nodded and followed Zayn, Niall and Louis to a table. I stared at Harry’s back as he walked away from me, ignoring me, and I wanted to start crying right then and there. Liam took my hand in his and whispered in my ear, ‘I’ll fix everything, don’t worry…’

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