The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


11. First Fight

Harry’s POV

It was noon when Harry woke up. Bess was still asleep in his arms. Her back was touching his torso. She was still in her cat costume and cat ears. The things he wanted to do to her. Not yet, Harry thought, controlling himself. He kissed her gently behind the ear and carefully got out of bed. Liam was still sleeping, too. He had slept on a bunch of pillows on the floor. The Halloween party had ended at around five in the morning and the band had stayed over. Louis and Eleanor slept in Louis’ bedroom, Harry, Bess and Liam in the spare bedroom, and Niall and Zayn on the big comfy sofas in the living room.

Harry walked in the living room, yawning and stretching. Niall and Zayn were awake and glued on the laptop.

‘Are you guys reading stories on Movellas again?’ Harry asked, going to the kitchen. He got a glass and filled it with tap water.

‘In our defense,’ Niall started and Zayn completed, ‘some of these stories are really good.’

Harry half smiled, sitting down on the armchair.

Zayn looked up from the laptop and said, ‘Bess was hot last night. You’re a lucky bloke, Haz.’

‘Bess is always hot,’ Harry replied. ‘And thank you, I know.’

‘What happened to you two last night?’ Niall asked. ‘You disappeared after 3AM.’

Harry and Bess danced, touching each other all night long, but a little after 3AM they wanted to spend some time alone. They went to the spare bedroom, talked, made out and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

‘We wanted some privacy, mate,’ Harry replied, grabbing a cinnamon bun from a plate on the coffee table. He took a big bite out of it.

‘Did you go all the way?’ Zayn asked, leaning forward, eager to know.

‘Not yet,’ Harry said with his mouth full. He swallowed before he went on, ‘She’s too vulnerable right now.’ He put the rest of the bun down, licked sugar off his fingers and drank all his water. He then took Bess’ pack of cigarettes out of his shorts’ pockets.

‘What are you doing with that, Haz?’ Zayn asked. Niall was totally focused on the fan fiction he was reading.

‘It belongs to Bess,’ Harry replied. ‘I’m going to throw it away.’

Zayn raised his eyebrows. ‘Does Bess know that?’

‘No,’ Harry said, staring at the cigarettes. ‘I’ll try to fix her and these have to go.’

‘Do you remember when you guys helped me quit?’ Zayn asked. ‘Do you remember what I almost did that day when you took my pack away?’

Harry nodded. ‘You almost punched me in the face.’

‘Yeah and Liam held me back,’ Zayn said. ‘Well, Bess is a girl. She won’t punch you but she will scratch your face if you throw that pack away without telling her.’

Harry chuckled and said, ‘I have my ways of calming her down, mate. Don’t worry.’

‘Fine,’ Zayn said, resting back on the sofa. ‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.’


Bess’ POV

‘Bess, are you sleeping?’ Liam asked softly and I groaned. My eyes were closed, weren’t they!? I heard Liam chuckle and say, ‘I guess you are …’

I sleepily fluttered my eyes open. Liam was kneeling on the floor next to the bed and was looking at me. Oh God, I thought, not even wanting to think about what a mess I must have looked like first thing in the morning.

‘Oh good you’re awake,’ Liam said and I glared a little. Of course I was awake. He had woken me up!

‘What’s up?’ I asked, sitting up. I sniffed, rubbing one eye.

‘I was thinking,’ Liam began, sitting next to me. ‘Do you think my plan will work? Do you think Danielle will change her mind and come back to me?’ He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and plaid boxers. His shaved head made him look like a cuddly bear.

‘I think we should wait and see,’ I told him, touching his hand. He looked into my eyes. His brown ones were warm and liquid like caramel. Keep it simple, Bess, I reminded myself and withdrew my hand. ‘Have you talked with Danielle?’ I asked him.

Liam sighed and looked at his knees. ‘She won’t return my calls,’ he said and was really sad about it.

‘When two people are meant to be together they will find a way,’ I told him. ‘So, don’t worry, okay?’

Liam smiled and said, changing the subject, ‘I’m starving.’

‘Let’s go find something to eat then,’ I said, getting out of bed.

‘I hope Niall didn’t eat all the cinnamon buns,’ Liam thought out loud with his eyebrows furrowed and I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘Harry left some of his clothes for you on the end of the bed,’ Liam said. ‘You can change into them if you want.’

I nodded and Liam left the room. I finally got out of the cat woman costume and put on Harry’s hoodie and tracksuit. They smelled of him.

All the boys were in the living room except for Louis and Eleanor. When Harry saw me, he got up and came to me. He was wearing a white tank top, a pair of grey shorts and a green beanie.

‘Morning,’ he said in a thick voice, smiling charmingly. I grabbed his tank top, pulled him to me and kissed him, sucking his lower lip a little. Couldn’t he be mine forever? Harry looked at me and grinned. ‘You look hot in my clothes,’ he said. ‘Let’s go back to the spare bedroom.’

‘I’m hungry,’ I confessed and when my stomach rumbled, I giggled, embarrassed.

Harry laughed loudly before he took my hand and kissed my temple. ‘Fine. Let’s eat something first,’ he said.

In the kitchen, I grabbed a slice of bread and Harry hugged me from behind. When I tried to spread butter and jam on it, he started spreading kisses on my right cheek and neck. My hand was shaking and my heart was beating fast. He was driving me crazy.

‘Harry …’ I breathed, shutting my eyes.

‘Mmm?’ he asked, holding me tighter.

‘Harry!’ I cried and found the power to scold him, ‘I’m trying to make some breakfast here!’

Harry chuckled. ‘What’s stopping you?’ he asked mischievously. He could really do whatever he wanted with me and I wouldn’t mind.

From the kitchen counter, I saw Liam, Niall and Zayn staring at something on the laptop. Niall and Zayn were sitting on the sofa and Liam was standing behind them. Liam was blushing, Niall’s eyes were wide open and Zayn was chuckling.

‘What are they doing?’ I asked.

‘They’re reading fan fiction,’ Harry replied.

‘And why do they have those looks on their faces?’ I was kind of worried for them.

‘They’re probably reading a sex scene or something like that,’ Harry said coolly and the knife dropped from my hand.

‘You boys read fan fiction?’ I asked, picking it up.

‘Yeah. We feel closer to the fans this way.’

I was about to take a bite out of my bread when I noticed my cigarettes in the bottom of the trash can. I put the bread down and turned round to face Harry. He was smiling and I really tried not to get too angry.

‘Did you throw my cigarettes away?’ I asked him very serious.

‘I told him not to,’ Zayn said from the sofa, kind of proud of himself. He closed the laptop and the three boys were now watching us.

‘I thought you were quitting,’ Harry said innocently.

‘When did I say I was quitting?’ I asked, raising my voice.

‘Are we having our first fight?’ he asked with a hint of a smile on his lips.

‘Harry!’ I cried, stomping my foot on the floor. ‘Be serious! When did I say that?’

‘Last night,’ Harry replied calmly.

‘Last night I explained to you why I can’t quit.’

‘Your dad should be the very reason you should quit,’ Harry said, trying to reason with me.

I pursed my lips and held back a few tears. ‘You don’t have a say in this,’ I told him. I knew I was being stubborn but if I stopped smoking it would be as if I was letting my dad go and I couldn’t do that.

Harry sighed and took my face in his hands. He looked into my eyes and said, ‘I’m sorry, okay? I won’t do it again, I promise.’

Niall’s phone began buzzing. He grabbed it and ran into the spare bedroom.

‘He’s been acting weird lately,’ Liam commented.

‘I think he’s trying to hook up with a fan he met at a signing,’ Zayn said.

‘Really?’ Liam asked, surprised.

‘Yeah. He was calling her name in his sleep last night,’ Zayn said.

‘What was the name?’ Liam asked.

‘Miyasia,’ Zayn replied and opened the laptop again, asking, ‘Back to fan fiction?’

‘Sure,’ Liam said, sitting next to him.

‘I have a family wedding next month,’ Harry told me. ‘Help me buy a new shirt?’ he asked, pouting a little. It was impossible to say no to this boy about anything. I nodded and after we ate some breakfast, we got ready and headed to the stores.

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