The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


31. Dancing Little Marionette, Are You Happy Now?

‘Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in,’ Harry softly sang in my ear so nobody could hear. We were at the rehearsal dinner and everyone we cared about was sitting around a big round table. His family, my family and our closest friends. The wedding was tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow! But I wasn’t freaking out anymore. I loved Harry more than I loved anyone else in my life. Or at least that’s what I told myself, over and over. ‘Lie down with me, hold me in your arms,’ Harry continued humming with his eyes closed and his nose in my hair. His arm was around my waist, securely holding me close to him.

My mom, Penelope Boone, was talking with Harry’s mom and they seemed to be getting along really well. Gemma, Mina and Sophie were getting along, too. The three of them kept glancing at the boys and laughing. Niall was eating, Zayn was discussing with Louis about something, they looked quite serious, and Liam, well, Liam was staring at me. After what had happened between us in the pool, I avoided him at all cause. He had called me twenty times a day the past week but I rejected all of them. But I couldn’t avoid him anymore. He was sitting right across the table from me now and he was a big part of the wedding too. Harry was so over the moon about this wedding that he hadn’t noticed that something was off between Liam and me.

‘It’s time for your toast, baby,’ I told Harry, touching his thigh. He kissed me right below the jaw, his lips lingering for a moment, before he got up. He took his champagne glass, raised it up and placed his hand over his chest. Everyone hushed and looked at him.

‘I am a man of few words, so,’ Harry began, taking my hand, and so I rose on my feet too. He wrapped his arm around my waist and I touched his chest. He went on, ‘My beautiful bride and I want to thank everyone for coming tonight, for helping with this wedding and for standing by us. This dinner is dedicated to you all.’ Everyone raised their glasses, drank and began eating. When we sat back down, Harry took a deep breath.

‘What is it, baby?’ I asked him.

‘I think I’ve never been this happy before,’ Harry replied with an expression of realization on his face.

I chewed the inside of my mouth. Guilt was eating me up inside. He had honestly no idea what was going on behind his back. ‘I love you,’ I told him, feeling as if it was the last time I’d ever tell him, and kissed his lips.

Harry smiled. ‘And I love you,’ he said, leaning in for another kiss. My phone buzzed and he groaned a little, pulling back. ‘If you bring your phone or laptop on our honey moon, I promise I’ll throw them off the nearest cliff,’ Harry said and before I could complain, he began talking with his stepdad.

I grabbed my phone. It was a text from Liam.

Liam Cuddly Bear: Are you happy?

YES, I’M HAPPY, I quickly texted him back, shaking my head, fuming. What did he want from me!?

‘Bess, can I talk to you for a moment?’ Zayn asked from behind my chair.

‘Are you going to steal her from me, mate?’ Harry asked, half smiling.

‘Only for a while, Haz,’ Zayn replied, patting him on the shoulder.

I got up, frowning, and followed Zayn out of the wedding venue. It was cold outside and when I hugged myself, Zayn noticed.

‘Here,’ he said, taking his jacket off and handing it to me.

‘Thanks,’ I mumbled, putting it on. Louis and Niall were there too. This couldn’t be good.

‘Aren’t you going to ask us why we are all here?’ Niall asked me. His arms were crossed and his hands were tucked into his armpits.

‘I’m guessing you’re going to tell me anyway, so, no,’ I replied, shrugging.

Zayn chuckled and Louis laughed.

‘So, basically, this is an intervention,’ Zayn said.

I knew it was but I didn’t tell them that. ‘Okay,’ I said.

‘The thing is,’ Louis began. ‘Liam told us what happened between the two of you in the pool.’

‘We tell each other everything,’ Niall innocently added.

‘I love Harry,’ I told them, really wanting them to believe me, because it was the truth.

‘We know you do, love,’ Zayn said. ‘But we also know you love Liam, too.’

I did. I loved and wanted them both. I know what you’re thinking: Slut. I thought of myself as one, too. I hid my face with my hands.

‘We only want you to be sure you’re walking towards the right guy down the aisle tomorrow,’ Louis said.

‘We don’t want our mates to get hurt,’ Niall added.

‘Or you,’ Zayn completed.

Their little intervention had triggered something inside of me and suddenly everything felt so wrong.

‘What are you all doing here?’ Harry asked and I twirled around. He was standing at the door of the wedding venue. Liam was standing next to him. I looked from the one to the other, the two boys of my life, and I fainted.


I dreamed that I was in my beautiful wedding gown, that my dad walked me down the aisle and that when Harry saw me, he couldn’t breathe for a moment.

‘Bess…’ my mom called and I fluttered my eyes open. I was lying on a bed in one of the hotel rooms. ‘How are you feeling, Bessie?’ Mom asked, smiling. She was sitting beside me.

‘Fine,’ I replied, sitting up. ‘What happened?’ I asked, rubbing my forehead.

‘I want to see Bess,’ Harry shouted from outside the door. ‘Let me see her!’

‘Sweetheart, please,’ Mrs. Cox told him. ‘Give her some space.’

I remembered now. I had fainted. My breathing quickened and I felt dizzy again. ‘I’m going to be sick,’ I cried with my hand over my mouth and I ran in the bathroom. I dropped on my knees and vomited in the toilet. I groaned, clutching my stomach and wiping my mouth with some toilet paper.

‘I don’t want to jump into any conclusions here but did you happen to miss your period this month, Bessie?’ Mom asked, carefully helping me up. I hated how insightful she always was.

‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘But it’s only because of all this wedding stress,’ I said, washing my face with cold water.

‘Is it really, though, darling?’ Mom calmly insisted and I glared at her a little.

‘Yes, mom, it is,’ I said, walking back in the bedroom. I climbed on the bed and blushed when I told her, ‘Harry always uses protection.’ No matter how old you are, it’s always embarrassing talking with your parents about these things.

‘Did you know that condoms are only 98% effective though?’ Mom argued.

‘Mom, I’m not pregnant!’ I yelled and gasps were heard from outside. Harry barged into the room. He looked at me, breathing hard, before he slowly walked towards me. He sat on the bed and touched my belly, spreading his fingers.

‘Are you … ’ he began but his voice trailed.

‘NO. My mom’s just imagining things,’ I told him.

‘Oh,’ Harry replied. Was he disappointed!? He stared at my belly, gently rubbing it. Then, he looked at my face. ‘I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you,’ he said and I threw my arms around him, holding him tight.

Louis, Niall and Zayn were standing at the door. Liam wasn’t there. ‘We’re sorry,’ Zayn mouthed and I hugged Harry tighter. But where was Liam?

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