The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


29. Daddy ...

Harry’s POV

Harry sat in the living room of Bess’ family home with his hands on his knees and his head forward. He was nervously tapping one foot on the carpet. He had told Bess he wanted to meet her mom but now that they were here, he sort of regretted it. What if he didn’t make a good impression? What if Mrs. Boone had heard about all those women that had been linked to his name, or, worse, what if she had heard about the daft rumor of him being gay for Louis.

Bess put a hand on his thigh and rubbed it a little. ‘Relax, baby, my mom already loves you,’ she said in his ear. ‘She’s a fan of One Direction. Like every woman aged 11 to 81 is,’ she added, smiling.

Harry chuckled and put his index finger between his shirt collar and his skin. He pulled the fabric a little. Suddenly, he felt it too tight around his neck. Mrs. Boone returned from the kitchen and placed a tray with three cups of tea on the coffee table. She sat on a chair opposite them and said, ‘So, Harry, tell me a little bit about yourself.’

‘I think,’ he began, cleared his throat and went on, ‘I think I can make your daughter very happy.’

Bess bowed her head, smiling.

‘Well, it’s certainly the most I’ve seen her smile this last year,’ Mrs. Boone said and Bess’ eyes fell on the picture of her dad on the mantelpiece. Bess was the spitting image of her mom, except for her eyes. She had her dad’s big brown eyes. Mrs. Boone went on, ‘If she’s happy with you, then, I won’t say a word about how young you two are to get married.’

‘Thank you,’ Harry said, nodding once.

‘I’ll be right back,’ Bess said, getting up. Her eyes were filled with tears. She ran up the stairs and her mom sighed.

‘She never visits anymore,’ Mrs. Boone complained. ‘And when she does, the minute she sees a photo of her dad, she runs up to her room, crying. It’s difficult for her brother too, he’s 16, but he’s angry with what happened. Bess’s sad all the time.’

Harry didn’t know what to say other than, ‘I’m sorry.’

Mrs. Boone smiled and got up. ‘Dinner will be ready in half an hour,’ she said. ‘But please go to her. Her room is the second one to the left.’

Harry went upstairs. Bess’ bedroom door was half open.

‘Daddy …’ he heard her sob. She was hugging a sweater, probably one which used to belong to her dad. Harry walked inside. She had her back to him.


Bess’ POV

Harry walked in my room, closing the door behind him. I put my dad’s sweater on the desk and wiped my tears away, saying, ‘I guess I should have warned you about what a crybaby I become when I come here.’

Harry said nothing, only sighed, and hugged me from behind. I turned round in his arms and pressed my forehead on his chest. He let me drew hearts and stars on his stomach with my finger for a while before he lifted my head up with both hands. ‘You want to talk about it?’ he asked, rubbing his thumbs on my cheeks, but I shook my head back and forth. My eyes must have been puffy red.

‘There’s nothing to talk about,’ I replied. ‘He was only 55, he didn’t deserve it and yet he died. End of story.’

‘Bess …’ Harry began but I quickly pushed him on my bed. I didn’t want him to say anything else. He fell on his back and lifted himself up on his elbows. His legs were hanging off the end of the bed. He looked surprised but waited to see where I was going with this. I straddled his pelvis and leaned in, pressing my lips on his neck. I sucked his warm skin and Harry hoarsely asked, ‘Beautiful, what are you doing?’

‘Make me feel better. Please,’ I whispered against his mouth, sliding my hand in his jeans. Harry grabbed my wrist, stopping me. His pupils were dilated and I could see the ache in his expression as he fought to keep at bay the lust he felt.

‘Not like this,’ Harry said. ‘You’re too vulnerable right now.’

‘Don’t make me beg,’ I said through my teeth and hot tears blurred my vision, threatening to fall.

‘Dinner’s ready,’ my mom called from downstairs.

I got off of him, feeling humiliated. He had actually rejected me. I avoided looking at him and ran downstairs.

‘Bess, wait,’ Harry begged, coming after me. He grabbed my arm right before I went in the kitchen but I sent him a glare and he let go, sighing.

James, my little brother, was in the kitchen, too. He had just come home from football practice and he was still wearing his uniform. He and Mom sat on one side of the table so Harry and I sat on the other.

‘I hope you like cottage pie, Harry,’ Mom said, cutting him a big portion.

‘I love it, Mrs. Boone, almost as much as I love your daughter,’ Harry sweetly said and I folded my arms, rolling my eyes. Yeah, that makes me feel better, I thought, being compared to a fattening food. When Harry put his hand between my thighs, I slapped it away. Mom gave him his plate.

‘You know, mate,’ James began with his mouth full. ‘I play an electric guitar. Can I be in the band?’

Harry laughed before he told him, smiling, ‘Sure, why not?’

‘How great is it to be flashed by girls all the time?’ James asked with a sly smirk.

‘Ah, sick, mate,’ Harry grinned and my mouth fell. Hello, I was there, too!

‘Yeah!’ James said excited and the two of them high fived.

‘Boys, please,’ Mom said. Then, she asked Harry and me, ‘Have you decided a wedding date yet?’

I opened my mouth but Harry quickly replied, ‘December 25th.’

‘Oh, on Christmas day, that is so romantic,’ Mom said with her hands over her chest and James rolled his eyes.

‘It’s only a thought, really,’ I said, unconsciously scratching the side of my neck. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe again. I didn’t think that I was ready for this marriage after all.

Harry cleared his throat before he announced, ‘Actually, I called and booked a wedding venue in Holmes Chapel, yesterday.’

‘Oh, how lovely,’ Mom breathed, clapping, while I dropped my fork in shock. James shrugged and kept eating his dinner.

‘No, you didn’t!’ I said in denial.

‘Yes, I did,’ Harry simply replied, intertwining our fingers. I squeezed his big hand, wanting to hurt him, only a little bit though, but he laughed, saying, ‘You’re not that strong, beautiful, give it a rest.’

‘I give up,’ I protested, getting up and storming out of the kitchen. I went in the living room and stood opposite the mantelpiece, looking at my dad’s photo. I missed him so much. But he was never coming back. Harry had followed me but he leaned against the wall, folded his arms and was quiet. ‘Don’t you think I should have a say too about when and where we’ll get married?’ I asked after a while. I wasn’t angry anymore, only afraid, and I guess Harry knew that.

He dug his hands in his jeans’ pockets, walking closer. ‘I think you want to back out from this,’ he said and I looked at him. ‘I’ve noticed how you cringe every time we talk about the wedding.’

I could have tried to defend myself but we both knew what he said was true. ‘I won’t though,’ I told him, moving closer. I touched his stomach, looking at his lips. I loved his lips. ‘Because I love you.’

Harry sighed. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me to him, covering the small gap that separated us. He kissed my hair and said with his mouth against my forehead, ‘I love you too. More than you know or let yourself accept.’

I nuzzled into his neck and a deep feeling of warmness ran through me. Harry always had a way of making things all better.

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