The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


6. Car Ride

I sucked the cigarette and felt soothed by the smoke which ran through my system. I blew the smoke out and a white cloud stained the night. I was standing outside, in the cold, waiting for Liam to show. He said he would pick me up at eight and it was now ten to. I knew it was a big mistake accepting to go with him to the awards but I needed to see Harry again. I wouldn't admit it to him but it was as if an invisible force was pulling me to him. I was hungry for him.

When a black car with black windows parked in front of me, I threw the cigarette on the pavement and smashed it with my high heel. The door opened and Liam stepped out. He looked so perfect and sweet in his navy blue suit.

‘You look beautiful,’ Liam said, coming closer. I smiled, looking at the ground.

‘You don’t look so bad yourself,’ I said when he was opposite me, inches away from me. He put his hands on my arms and rubbed them gently. I felt so comfortable around Liam and it was a shame we were ruining this connection we had with this little game we were playing.

‘Where’s your jacket?’ he asked. ‘Aren’t you cold?’

‘No. I’m fine,’ I replied. I had on a beautiful black dress I had borrowed from Sophie.

‘Shall we then?’ Liam asked, putting his arm around my waist. I nodded and he led me to the car.

I climbed inside and ironically enough the only empty seat was next to Harry. Liam sat on my other side. My body went completely stiff, as I was sitting like a sardine between the two of them. My arms and thighs were brushing against theirs and I was beginning to feel really warm and sweaty. The car’s engine purred into life and we were finally on our way. Opposite me, Louis, Niall, and Zayn were staring at me.

‘I didn’t know you smoked, babe,’ Louis said and I snapped.

‘Oh my God, it’s really not that big of a deal!’ I said in a high voice.

‘I’ll scratch that out of our conversation subjects then,’ Louis said, taken aback.

‘I’m so sorry,’ I quickly apologized. ‘It’s just, I’m really nervous about tonight. I guess I shouldn’t be going with you.’

‘Don’t say that,’ Harry whispered to me, his warm breath tingling my ear. ‘Relax. I’m here for you.’

I looked at Harry and fought the urge to grab him by the neck and kiss every bit of his perfect face. Zayn cleared his throat and I looked away. Liam was texting the whole time and hadn’t noticed a thing.

‘Who’s that, mate?’ Niall asked and Liam put his cell phone in his pocket.

‘Nobody,’ he replied, taking my hand and kissing it. Harry fell silent and looked outside the window. Everything was so messed up.

‘How come I’m the only date?’ I asked, trying not to care about Harry.

‘My girlfriend’s on tour,’ Zayn replied with that unique accent of his.

‘Eleanor’s studying for her GCEs,’ Louis said. ‘I’m texting her right now.’

‘I don’t have a girlfriend,’ Niall then said, pouting a little.

‘We’re nearly there,’ Liam said all excited and then he instructed me, ‘We’ll let them have a few photographs of us together and then you’ll go inside. We’ll come find you about half an hour later. And please don’t smoke. We’re role models.’

I looked at him and was silent. Liam wanted the whole world to know he had found a new girlfriend just to hurt and piss one person in particular, Danielle. ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do this,’ I said, definite about my decision. The five boys looked at me with widened eyes. The car had parked.

‘You are a handful, aren’t you, babe?’ Louis asked, amused.

Liam ignored him and looked only at me. ‘What do you mean?’ he asked, a little panicked.

‘You feel absolutely nothing for me,’ I told him, holding his hand in both of mine. Liam opened his mouth but found no words to say. I went on, ‘I never swam around in lies and I won’t start now. I like you but I’m sorry, I won’t play this game anymore. I’m not just a rebound!’

‘That’s fair,’ Liam finally said. ‘The driver will take you home. I’ll call you later.’

‘Wow. You still want to talk to me after this?’ I asked and shrugged. ‘I’m a lucky girl.’

Liam laughed a little and kissed my lips. I smiled uneasily, avoiding looking at Harry.

‘We should really get out there boys,’ Louis intervened, probably for Harry’s sake.

‘Right,’ Liam said and opened the door. One by one, they got out there and were welcomed by screams and flashes. Harry was the last one to go. He looked at me over his shoulder before he stepped out. He looked as if he had something to say but he sighed and left instead.

As the car headed back home, I growled, annoyed with myself, and hid my face in my hands. What a horrible, horrible situation I had gotten myself into …

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