The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


25. Cabin in the Woods 1

I stood with my back to the fireplace and my hands behind my back, feeling the heat from the fire radiate through me. Harry’s cabin in the woods was really lovely but as it had no heating, it was bloody freezing cold! Louis and Eleanor were cuddled up on the sofa, smiling and whispering things to each other, while Zayn and Perrie went in one of the bedrooms the minute we came here. Liam and Niall were sitting on the kitchen table. Niall was making a sandwich for himself while Liam had his headphones on and was listening to some music. He was pouting and his caramel eyes looked so sad and tired.

It was tearing me up inside to see him hurt like that. Not only had he broken up with Danielle, the girl he thought was the one, but on top of that, I, his rebound girl, had chosen Harry over him. Liam was typically nice to me now, smiled at me occasionally, and never really talked to me anymore. I felt as if I had ruined my friendship with him. Harry returned from the attic with a few logs in his arms. He put them in the fireplace and removed the safety gloves he was wearing. When Harry put his arm around my waist and kissed my temple, I looked at Liam. He was staring at his hands.

‘I’ve set up a bedroom for us,’ Harry whispered, brushing his lips on my ear, and when he finally kissed it, my cheeks burned. He added, ‘And I have a surprise for you. Let’s go.’

No more surprise from you today, Harry Styles, thank you very much, I thought. ‘We should all do something together!’ I suggested loudly, lightly pushing Harry away. Harry stared at me, frowning, blinking and probably thinking, what the hell!? Louis and Eleanor looked at each other before they shrugged, agreeing, and Niall jumped up from his chair with his sandwich in his hand.

‘I’ll go get Zayn and Perrie,’ he said all excited and ran up the stairs. Liam didn’t react though, at all. He looked at me and then back at his hands. A second or two later, we all heard Perrie scream.

‘Ah, Niall! You can’t just barge in here!’ Zayn yelled.

Louis threw his head at the back, laughing, and Eleanor lightly hit him on the shoulder, complaining, ‘It’s really not funny, Lou.’

When Niall returned in the living room, he was laughing awkwardly and scratching the back of his head. ‘I didn’t knock,’ he simply said, shrugging. He dropped his body on the sofa and went on eating his sandwich.

Zayn and Perrie came down the stairs too. Zayn was shaking his head, putting on his sweater, while Perrie’s face was scarlet from the embarrassment.

‘Bess thought we should all do something together,’ Niall said, pointing at me, putting all the blame on me, and Zayn glared a little. I opened my mouth to apologize but what could I possibly have said!? Sorry for interrupting your passionate love making!? I shut my mouth, tucked a lock of hair behind my ear and looked at the floor instead.

‘We could watch a movie,’ Liam suggested, getting up and coming closer to the rest of us. I looked at him but he avoided meeting my eyes. He had come to my rescue. Did that mean he had forgiven me?

‘We should watch, Cabin in the Woods! You know, because we’re in a cabin in the woods too,’ Niall said and we all glared at him. ‘Or maybe not. Sheesh, tough crowd,’ he added, finishing his sandwich. He licked his fingers, sitting back on the sofa.

‘We could play Truth or Jack,’ Zayn said, intertwining his fingers with Perrie.

‘What’s that?’ I asked.

‘It’s a drinking game the boys invented,’ Eleanor informed me. ‘It’s like Truth or Dare really. You either tell the Truth or you have to drink a shot of Jack Daniels.’

‘Oh … ’ I replied. I hated drinking, especially whiskey. I tasted it once. It was yucky.

‘I can’t wait to get you drunk and all to myself,’ Harry whispered in my ear again and my legs felt like jelly. The power this boy had over me ...

‘Yeah, let’s play that,’ Louis said, getting up. He walked to a cabinet, getting out two bottles of whiskey, while Eleanor brought a few shot glasses from the kitchen.

‘But I don’t like to drink … ’ I said but nobody really heard me. We all sat in a circle down on the carpet.

‘I’ll start and then we’ll continue clockwise, yeah?’ Zayn said and everybody nodded. Zayn looked carefully at all of our faces before he decided to ask Niall a question. ‘Alright, mate, how many times have you fantasized about Demi Tomato today?’

Niall laughed loudly, clapping, before he replied, serious, ‘Twenty times.’

Louis whistled while my eyes widened. The others laughed. It was Niall’s turn to ask a question.

‘Zayn,’ Niall called, ready to take his revenge. ‘With whom would you sleep with if you weren’t with Perrie, Bess or Eleanor?’

Zayn’s eyes found mine but he grabbed the whiskey shot and poured it down his throat.

‘I’m curious to know the answer now,’ Perrie told him, faking a smile. She was jealous.

‘Bess and Eleanor are both my friends,’ Zayn replied. ‘I couldn’t answer that.’

‘Yeah, right, mate, whatever you say,’ Niall laughed, patting him on the back.

‘It’s my turn now,’ Liam said, looking straight at me. Uh oh, I thought, swallowing hard. ‘Bess …’ Liam softly said before he asked, ‘Who’s better in bed, me or Harry?’

Eleanor’s mouth fell open while Louis commented, ‘Maybe playing this game wasn’t such a good idea after all.’ All the others were very quiet. I turned to Harry for help but he was staring at me, like everyone else, waiting for my answer. I shook my head, took the whiskey shot, took a deep breath, shut my eyes and drank it. It burned my throat and empty stomach. I put the shot glass down, avoiding looking at Liam. He was angry and sad, I got it, but he had no right asking me something like that. It was my turn to play now. I looked at Harry, smiling innocently.

He winked at me, saying, ‘I’m fearless, love. Ask me whatever you want.’

So, I did. ‘With how many girls have you slept with?’

‘Don’t answer that, mate, it’s a trap,’ Niall shouted, laughing. Louis and Zayn began laughing too. Even Liam was smirking. Harry chuckled, grabbing the whiskey shot, but I quickly put my hand over his mouth before he could drink it.

‘I want to know the answer,’ I told him, looking at him under my eyebrows. Harry put the glass down and took my hand in both of his.

‘Does it really matter?’ he asked, rubbing his thumbs on my hand.

‘Yes, it does,’ I insisted, stubbornly.

‘Fine. I slept with forty women,’ Harry coolly replied, shrugging. My heart literally ached. ‘But I only need and want you, Bess,’ Harry said, grabbing my shoulders and shaking me a little. I was in shock.

‘And I want to know with whom you’d sleep with if we weren’t together,’ Perrie demanded, hitting Zayn on the arm.

‘What the hell, Perrie?’ Zayn protested. ‘It’s just a game.’

‘It was definitely a bad idea,’ Louis said again, shaking his head.

‘You’re perfect to me, Lou. I love you,’ Eleanor told him and they rubbed their noses together before they kissed. Everyone got up. Zayn and Perrie stood in the middle of the living room, arguing, while Louis and Eleanor went in the kitchen to make some dinner. Niall grabbed his guitar and a blanket and went outside on the veranda. Liam went with him.

‘Can we please go to the bedroom now,’ Harry pleaded. ‘I have a surprise for you.’

I nodded, still trying to process what he had told me before. Harry grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs. He opened the bedroom door and turned on the light. What I saw made me forget everything that had happened tonight.

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