The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


35. 7 Months Later - The Last One

I was in my flat and it was late afternoon. I was sitting back on the sofa with a bowl with three scoops of ice cream on my belly. The baby inside me was growing bigger every day and my belly was growing bigger with it. I hadn’t seen Harry in 7 months, the band was travelling all over the world, and I missed him to bits. He had begged me to go with them on their tour but I had told him that it would be difficult because I was pregnant and all. I had lots of support though from my mom, Mina, Sophie and Mrs. Cox, too.

I was watching a performance of the boys on telly, eating my chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, when my phone buzzed. It was Harry. I squealed excitedly before I answered.

‘Hey, baby,’ I told him with a big smile on my face and the spoon in my mouth.

Hello, beautiful,’ Harry said. His voice was like warm honey. Gosh, I should really get these cravings under control, I thought. He went on, ‘How’s the baby?’

‘The baby’s fine,’ I replied. ‘I went for an ultrasound today. Everything looked fine.’

How’s my other baby then?’ he asked and I smiled.

‘I’m fine too.’

How much do you miss me?’ he whispered. He was probably in public somewhere and didn’t want anyone to hear him.

‘More than you should ever know,’ I replied, eating another spoonful of ice cream. ‘What time is it there?’

Where? In Florida?’ he asked. He was being strange.

‘Yes, silly,’ I giggled. ‘Aren’t you in Florida today?’

Not really,’ he replied and I frowned. I sat up, putting the bowl aside.

‘Where are you then?’ I asked, getting up. But he didn’t reply. He hung up instead. ‘Did he just hand up on me?’ I asked myself, looking at the phone. Maybe he had bad reception or something. When there was a knock on the door, my heart raced for some reason. I slowly walked towards it and took a deep breath before I opened. Harry was standing at the doorway.

‘Hello, beautiful,’ he said, grinning. He chuckled when I gasped. I threw my arms around his neck, wanting to hold him, but my big belly was keeping us apart.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked and I was close to tears. Stupid pregnancy hormones.

‘I needed to see you. I wanted to be with you. Even for a while,’ Harry replied with one hand behind my head and smelling my hair. He went on, ‘We have two days off so here I am.’

I pulled back to look at him. ‘Did you honestly just fly all the way back to the UK for the day?’

Harry simply nodded and I couldn't control it when tears began streaming down my face.

‘Please don’t cry, baby,’ Harry said, smiling, and wiped my tears away with his hands.

‘Okay,’ I told him, sniffing. We closed the front door and went to sit on the sofa. I was wearing a white onesie with pink dots on it. ‘I can’t believe you’re here,’ I breathed, wrapping my arms around his stomach and nestling my face into his neck. Harry put his hand on my belly and rubbed it, carefully and gently. His cheek was pressed on my forehead. ‘How are the boys?’ I asked and I think he knew that what I really wanted to ask was, How’s Liam? I hadn’t talked to him since the wedding. We had grown apart and I had lost my friend.

‘They’re fine,’ he replied. ‘We got a little bored of each other though.’


He sighed before he said, ‘Liam’s fine, Bess, but you have to stop worrying about him eventually.’

I fell silent for a moment. Then, I asked, changing the subject, ‘What should we name the baby?’

‘I was thinking Emma,’ Harry replied and I looked up at him.

‘That’s the perfect name,’ I told him.

‘She’ll be the most perfect baby in the world,’ he added.

‘You’ll be one of those goofy dads, won’t you?’ I asked, smiling.

‘Yes, I will,’ he said proudly.

‘When do you have to leave?’ I asked, spoiling the mood.

‘At 5 in the morning.’

He had really just flown here for a few hours.

‘I don’t want you to go,’ I said, pouting.

‘I don’t want to leave either, beautiful, but you know I have to,’ he replied and then he kissed me, his lips melting into mine. He deepened the kiss while he caressed my belly. I honestly loved him to death. And our baby too.


A year later, I held baby Emma in my arms and gently danced to the rhythm of Kiss You. She had blonde hair and big green eyes. The two of us were watching the boys’ concert from backstage. Louis and Niall were fooling around on stage like children and I smiled, shaking my head. Liam was singing his solo. He had a new girlfriend now and he liked her a lot. We were on speaking terms again and he loved Emma. When Zayn winked at me from across the stage, I took Emma’s hand and waved it at him. He chuckled before he looked at the massive crowd opposite them. At the end of the song, Harry ran to us, kissed Emma’s head, then my lips and told me before running back on stage, ‘I love you.’


So, this is the end of The Rebound Girl and I know I'll miss writing it! I want to thank everyone who commented on, liked and fanned this story. It has been a tough couple of months and all this unexpected support I got here, from you guys, really meant a lot so thank you all SO much! Honest!

I have a few ideas for a sequel and I'm also thinking of starting a Zayn Malik story but I'm not sure yet. Both stories will probably be out sometime in December, as I haven't started writing anything yet, so if you like my little stories, keep an eye out for them!

Love you all and hope you like this last chapter  :) xx

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