The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


7. 3AM

I was lying on my bed, on my back, in the dark, smoking and feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless, as per usual, but tonight even more so. Liam hadn’t called like he said he would and I didn’t think that I would see Harry ever again.

It was a quarter past midnight when Sophie and Mina came in my room. I had met them in college and we were friends and roommates ever since. We were all twenty and really into music. Sophie and I wanted to be music producers, that’s why we were interns in the record company, and Mina was a struggling guitarist.

‘Feeling any better?’ Mina asked, sitting on the bed.

I blew smoke out, glaring a little. ‘I just turned my back to an opportunity of a lifetime. What do you think?’

Sophie had her arms crossed and her lips pursed. She was really pissed at me. She had screamed and cried when I had told her where I was going tonight and with whom. She was jealous and heartbroken. ‘Why you and not me!?’ she had cried when lending me her dress. When I returned home by 8:30 though and told them what had happened, she nearly went crazy. ‘WHAT?’ she had screeched, jumping up from the sofa, and had yelled for a while, ‘What the hell, Bess? What the hell?’ Now, she simply wouldn’t talk to me.

‘If you feel like talking about it we’ll be in the living room,’ Mina said, getting up. Sophie huffed and followed Mina. When they left, I smoked another cigarette and fell asleep.

I woke up a little after 3am by one of Sophie’s loud squeals. There was still light in the living room, so I guessed the girls were still up, drinking and talking about boys. I sleepily got up, opened my bedroom’s door, and walked in the living room. The light bugged my eyes and I blinked, frowning for a minute. I rubbed my eyes, stretched, and yawned, before I took a proper look of the people in the room. When I saw Harry standing by the door, I really thought I was still sleeping.

‘Hi, babe,’ Harry said with an adorable half smile.

‘Am I still dreaming?’ I asked, looking at Mina and Sophie.

Sophie faked a loud laugh, asking Harry, ‘Isn’t Bess funny?’ Then, she pinched my arm really hard and told me through her teeth, ‘Snap out of it. He’s really here.’

‘Ouch,’ I cried, rubbing my arm. If I’m honest, I was kind of scared of her at that moment. When I finally realized though that I was in fact wide awake, my eyes widened. My hair was a frizzy mess, my mascara and eyeliner must have been smeared all over my face, and I was wearing a large purple hoodie and a pajama bottom with flying ice creams on it.

‘Can I talk to you for a moment?’ Harry asked, hoping.

‘Of course you can!’ Sophie replied for me.

‘Do you want to go to my room?’ I asked him, feeling my cheeks getting really warm.

‘Do you really have to ask me that?’ Harry replied, half smiling again. He was such a Prince Charming.

Sophie squealed, clapping excitedly, and I glared at her. Mina laughed awkwardly and said, dragging Sophie to the sofa, ‘Okay, let’s calm you down, yeah?’

Harry followed me in my room. I turned on the lights and he closed the door. We stood opposite each other for a while, just looking at each other. He was wearing a white shirt, a black bow tie, and black trousers and shoes. He walked closer and touched my lower lip with his thumb. He stared at my mouth and I was sure I would faint.

‘How were the awards?’ I asked, putting aside a dozen of other questions I wanted to ask him, and one of them was, what was he doing here!?

‘Not the same without you,’ he replied, still looking at my mouth. He licked his lower lip and I breathed, ‘Harry …’

He chuckled. ‘It’s the first time you say my name.’

This was too much to handle. I swallowed with difficulty and turned away from him.

‘I can’t keep away from you,’ he said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me back.

‘I don’t get it,’ I told him and I honestly meant it.

‘You’re different,’ he said simply and leaned towards me.

‘What about Liam?’ I asked before our lips touched.

‘He was texting Danielle all night long,’ Harry replied and I would have reacted if he wasn’t touching my face so gently.

When he finally kissed me, I felt as if a firework had exploded inside me. It was a thousand times better than what I had ever imagined. The kiss was soft but intense and when Harry parted my lips with his tongue, I thought there was no air to breathe anymore. His tongue played with mine skillfully, as he led me to bed. He lied on top of me and his body weight on me felt really good. His body was warm and for that little moment in time, I felt secure.

‘Your earlobes are sexy,’ Harry said, chuckling, and he nibbled and sucked one of them. My hands were grabbing his ribs, as I was too busy trying to control my breathing to do everything I had ever thought about doing to him. When he put his hands under my hoodie and touched my breasts, I wasn’t wearing a bra, his boner pressed up against my crotch. I felt so vulnerable under his touch.

My phone began buzzing but Harry wasn’t bothered.

Wait,’ I told him, barely breathing. Harry looked up at me and was a little annoyed I had interrupted him. My eyes travelled from his face to his neck, collarbone, chest and back up. I wanted to eat him up. I ran my hand through his curly hair and just stared at him.

He chuckled, smiling, and reminded me, ‘Bess, the phone.’

‘Oh, right,’ I said, grabbing my cell phone. It was Liam. I cleared my throat, trying not to react.

‘Who is it?’ Harry asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

‘Nobody,’ I lied.

‘Oh, really?’ Harry asked, grabbing the phone from my hand. When he saw who was calling, he snorted, shaking his head. He rolled on his back and got out of bed. I wanted to scream my lungs out in protest. I sat up and watched him glaring at the buzzing phone in his hand. He finally rejected the call and threw it on the bed. Harry then looked at me. He was very serious.

‘I shouldn’t be rejecting calls from Liam Payne, you know. He’s like crazy famous,’ I said, trying to ease the tension with a joke. I failed miserably, as Harry crossed his arms across his chest and looked as if he wanted to scold me really bad. It took him a minute to calm down.

‘What about Harry Styles then, who’s crazy about you and wants to be with you?’ Harry asked and goose bumps ran all over my skin. Every part of me ached and melted to hear him say that. I wanted him so bad, but I only wanted him for tonight. I couldn’t commit to him or to anyone else for that matter.

Ever since my dad had died, I avoided anything real. I couldn’t handle anything too serious. With Liam it was different. He liked me and I liked him back. He was fooling around with me and I was doing exactly the same thing. There was attraction between us and no strings attached. What Harry wanted from me though was just too much. If I said yes to Harry right now but eventually lost him, it would leave me in pieces.

‘I can’t … I’m sorry …’ I told him and my eyes filled with tears.

Harry nodded, said nothing and left, slamming my bedroom’s door behind him.

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