Courtney Horan is the sister of Niall Horan. She is a model for clothing lines in America like Hollister and Victoria's Secret PINK. When she has alittle vacation she heads back home to Ireland to catch up with her older brother and family. She is 18 years old only a year younger than Niall. Once she arrives back home she finds 4 of her brother's band mates staying at her house. One is sleeping in her room, the other is sleeping in the guest room, one is sleeping in the living room, and the other one has one of the floors to choose from. She becomes infuriated with the fact she had to share her house and her room with 4 other guys. How will she handle it? Does she even fall for one of them?


2. The Trick

Courtney's Pov

We made it over to the boys and all they did was stare. Niall sat in his chair and I sat on his lap with his arms around my waist. It did feel pretty weird since we were brother and sister but this plan was pretty funny. How could anyone think we were boyfriend and girlfriend? "So Niall you gonna introduce us to your lady friend" a curly haired boy asked Niall. "Boys, this is my girlfriend Courtney. She's a model and we've known each other since we were born" he said almost laughing. All of that was true besides the girlfriend part. "I love my Nialler" I said while kissing his cheek. All the boys aw'd. Me and Niall just gave each other a look. 

Niall's Pov:

After a few hours we decided to play Truth or Dare. Louis was first. "Niall I dare you to make out with Courtney for 10 minutes without taking a breath" he said with a devious smile. Courtney looked to me with a disgusted face. I think it was time to tell the boys. "Um I don't really feel like making out with my sister for 10 minutes". They all had confused looks. "I'm Niall's sister not his girlfriend. I think that would be illegal" she said laughing. "You guys though she was hot and assumed she was my girlfriend, so I decided to let you guys go along with it". All the boys did was look at each other and slap each other on the heads. They learned their lesson. 

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