Courtney Horan is the sister of Niall Horan. She is a model for clothing lines in America like Hollister and Victoria's Secret PINK. When she has alittle vacation she heads back home to Ireland to catch up with her older brother and family. She is 18 years old only a year younger than Niall. Once she arrives back home she finds 4 of her brother's band mates staying at her house. One is sleeping in her room, the other is sleeping in the guest room, one is sleeping in the living room, and the other one has one of the floors to choose from. She becomes infuriated with the fact she had to share her house and her room with 4 other guys. How will she handle it? Does she even fall for one of them?


4. The Conversation

Courtney's Pov

He was coming towards me, so i fixed my hair so it looked like i was doing something provocative. "Hi" his beautiful rang in my ear. "Hello there" was i could let out. "You look a little familiar...have we met before'? I thought about it and I've never seen that gorgeous face in my life. "Nope I've never met you before". Wait I'm a model of course people knew who I was. "Hold on, have you looked at the Victoria Secret PINK models"? "YOUR A MODEL! YOU WORE THOSE BRIGHT PINK PANTIES WITH THE PURPLE HOODIE"! I blushed and do recall modeling for that last season. 

Zayn's Pov

She's a model, that's even better. Maybe if we went out she could model for me in sexy lingerie. ZAYN! You don't know this girl proper enough and your already having fantasies about your future relationship with her. I would like to take her out sometime, she seems sweet, caring, and she's attractive. Maybe more attractive than me and that's saying alot. 


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