Courtney Horan is the sister of Niall Horan. She is a model for clothing lines in America like Hollister and Victoria's Secret PINK. When she has alittle vacation she heads back home to Ireland to catch up with her older brother and family. She is 18 years old only a year younger than Niall. Once she arrives back home she finds 4 of her brother's band mates staying at her house. One is sleeping in her room, the other is sleeping in the guest room, one is sleeping in the living room, and the other one has one of the floors to choose from. She becomes infuriated with the fact she had to share her house and her room with 4 other guys. How will she handle it? Does she even fall for one of them?


3. Talking One on One

Courtney's Pov

I had to admit that trick was pretty funny and believable. The boys were cool about it and just laughed it off. They were fun guys and were very attractive. The one with black hair named Zayn caught my eye alittle. I caught him staring at me a few times and I just smiled back. I think I was going to talk to him or should I let him make the first move. We were in the kitchen attempting to bake a cake. Emphasis on "attempting". Louis and Harry cooked good together. While Niall just tried to eat the cake batter right there and Liam tried to stop him. Zayn just stood around shaking up the sprinkles. Maybe I could start up a conversation or something.

Zayn Pov

Niall's sister was gorgeous! I was relived when they announced she was his sister. Maybe I could make a move, but right now we are all "trying" to bake a cake. With Niall here it won't work, he'll just continue to eat the cake before its even baked. Since she was standing alone I went over to her.

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