Remember Me?

Me and Harry knew each other since we were babies. We were bestfriends from Day One. Everything was perfect until something happend. It wasn't so perfect anymore. Harry made a mistake and is asking for another chance. Shall I give it to him? If I do, what will I do when he makes the same mistake? Or I have a something wrong with me?


9. The bucket list

Eat an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
Stand on top of the roof, and sing Free- Falling by John Mayor
Sleep on a trampoline
Go to Disney together
Stay up for 3 days straight
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Go sky diving
Go SCUBA diving
Go on a helicopter ride.
Eat vanilla pudding out of a mayo jar- in public
Swim with sharks.
Ride a mechanical bull.
Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world.
Go on a cruise.
Break a Guinness World Record.
Learn how to use a pogo stick.
Learn to juggle
Learn to ride a unicycle and ride it around town
Learn to play chess.
Learn to play poker.
Play strip poker
Buy a professional camera & have a photoshoot
Take a pottery class
Fly a kite.
Learn how to perform magic tricks.
Make stained glass windows.
Learn to make candles.
Paint each other.
Draw each other with blindfolds on
Have a non-stop Harry Potter movie marathon
Have a non-stop Disney movie marathon
Convince Harry to audition for X- Factor
Invent a board game
Do shots
Get really drunk & lay down in the middle of the street
Make a documentary
Create a You-Tube vlog
Be in each other’s weddings
Be a vegetarian for a week
Be a vegan for a week
Milk a cow
Take a yoga class
Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve
Ride Segways through the mall
Say ‘Yes’ to everything for an entire day
Have a waterballoon fight
Meet somebody famous
Spend an afternoon watching the clouds
Follow and attempt to reach the end of the rainbow
Climb a tree
Rent a bouncy castle
Sleep on the roof
Go camping together
Sleep under the stars
Make real s’mores
Play hide and seek in the woods
Rent a boat, go tubing
Spend the day at the beach
Watch a sunset at the beach
Sleep at the beach
Skinny Dip
Watch a sunrise
Laser tag!
Go horseback riding
Send a message in a bottle
Blow soap bubbles
Mall scavenger hunt!
Carve our names into a tree
Visit the tree after a few years (see #69)
Take a photo every day of summer
Make a piece of origami
Wear a toga for a full day- walk around like normal
Dance in the rain
Play Flashlight tag
Go rock climbing
Play in a fountain- fully clothed
Swing on the swings
Eat breakfast outside
Mentos + Coke. Enough said. 
Record & Make Russian food 
Write a short story
Go bowling
See a fortune teller
Play the claw machine
Go paint balling
Go around photo bombing people for an entire day
Plan out my road trip
Go on the road trip
Make a friendship bracelet
Leave a note on somebody’s car window
Serenade someone
Pool party by ourselves 
Set off fireworks in our backyard
Record a song
Take part in a protest
Glee Marathon
Walk behind & copy a stranger until they notice me
Have an arm wrestling tournament.
Stay best friends forever

October 13, 2012
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