Remember Me?

Me and Harry knew each other since we were babies. We were bestfriends from Day One. Everything was perfect until something happend. It wasn't so perfect anymore. Harry made a mistake and is asking for another chance. Shall I give it to him? If I do, what will I do when he makes the same mistake? Or I have a something wrong with me?


7. Chapter Seven

“Come on Styles,” I pleaded. 

He crossed his arms and tried to hold back giggles while he attempted to sternly say, “No! I am not giving you a piggy back to the park.” 

When we were kids- and even teenagers- Harry and I would always go to the park near our house to have fun or to talk about stuff when our parents were home. We’d swing slowly and listen to each other or swing to see who could go higher. We’d sit on the top of the little hill or have a contest to see who could roll down faster. We would sit on the play structure or play sandman. So we thought that going to the local park was the best location for today.

I eyed him up and down and shrugged, “I guess you couldn’t do it anymore anyways.” 

“What is that supposed to mean?!” He tried to act like he was hurt- but I saw right through his terrible acting. 

“Well, I mean you’re not quite as… built as you used to be…” I squeezed his bicep- felt amazing but I pretended it didn’t faze me, “Yep, you definitely let yourself go.” I shook my head, fake- disappointed. 

His eyes widened at my touch and my comment, “Oh really?!” He turned his back to me and bent over, “Hop on, you loser.”

“Aha, I win.” I yelled triumphantly as I jumped on his back, “Like always! Now onward trusty steed!”I yelled pointing forward. 

We spent the entire day catching up, playing games, and just generally acting like the tards we are. After playing tag, rolling around in the mud, wrestling each other, playing the PENIS game, and me beating his ass at basketball (although he claims he won), we finally had a chance to sit down and talk. 

“32?!” I yelled. 

He rolled his eyes, “Yes. She was 32…” I covered my mouth in attempts at hiding my laughter, “It’s not exactly something I’m proud of…” 

“Who was she?!” I laughed, completely and utterly amused.

He paused for a moment, “Caroline Flack…” he mumbled. 

“CAROLINE FLACK?!” I couldn’t help myself, and I bursted in a whole new fit of laughter, “HARRY! We used to watch her on X-tra Factor when we were like… 10!” 

He paused and looked down, “I know… but she was really lovely…” he sighed, “But she treated me like a child. I didn’t like that.” 

“Oh Hazz, I’m sorry. For the record, you’re better off without her.” I said sympathetically. 

He looked up at me, hope written all over his eyes, “You really think so?”

“Absolutely,” I scoffed, “Plus! Now you have me back in your life, you don’t have to try and satisfy yourself with women twice your age!” 

“She wasn’t twice my age!!!!” 

“I know, I’m only teasing.”

“Sooo… Give me some of the hot gossip going on with the Holmes Chapel Homies!”

I laughed at the nickname he had given to the people of Holmes Chapel, “Well, mum and dad got divorced…”

“I know, Mum told me. I wanted to call but…”

“I know.” I smiled, “It’s fine. Then Rachel moved out, leaving me all alone in a big ol house with my workaholic father. I never saw him- he was always at the office or traveling. Most hours of the day I was on my own- something that I didn’t mind when it came to guys…” 

Harry’s head shot up and his eyes nearly popped out of its sockets.“Did my little Ella give up her V-Card?!” He asked, utterly shocked. 

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, “Maybe…”


“…. Joey.” I said, overly embarrassed. 

He just stopped moving all together, “No. Way.”

“Yeah… we sorta…. dated for a while…” 


“Uhmm, after I decided to stop sulking about the fact that you’ve moved on from our friendship and forget about you.” 

“How long did you date for?” 

“’Bout a year and a half. We broke up after I found out he was fucking Amanda Grobineau on the sidelines.” I shrugged. 

“That bastard.” 
I sighed and laughed, “Then there were other random hook-ups here and there. No big deal.”

“Yeah, no big deal….” he sighed, “Why so many hook-ups?”

“Honestly?” I sighed, “I was trying to take my mind off you. I started modeling too, that’s how I got so many guys. But after a while it all seemed… pointless. So I straightened myself up and went to uni, got a degree, and moved here. I regret stopping modeling, I really enjoyed that actually.” 

“Why did you have-”

“I’m free, free falling” came blasting from Harry’s phone. Still the same old ringtone. 

“It’s Louis.” He said, “Do you mind?” He asked hesitantly. 

I shrugged my shoulders, “Meh. Go ahead, take it.”

“Thanks babe!” he exclaimed and answered the phone, “LOOUUUEEHH!” ….. “What’s wrong?” ….. “Well is he okay?” ….. “Well I’m sorta with Ella, can-” ….. “Ummmm….” he looked over at me, “I’ll be over as soon as I can.” And with that, he hung up the phone.

“What’s going on Harry….” 

He held his head, not sure how to say it, “I need to go. Liam is getting some hate on Twitter and he’s really upset.” 

“You’re joking right?” I said, feeling my anger bubble more and more by the second. 

“What do you mean?” 

I stood up, “I can’t have it. I can’t have just one fucking day with you without those boys getting in the way.”

“Wait, wha-” he saw the anger in my face and finally realized what was going on, “Wait. You’re mad? You’re mad because I need to be there for Liam? I’ve gotten Twitter hate before; I can help him handle it.” 

“No. I’m mad because once again- you don’t have time for me. You said to give you a day, I agreed and got all excited and half way through it you bail.” 

“Liam is like my brother. I need to help him out. You know ‘Bros before Hoes’?” Ouch. That one hurt.

A sharp pain entered into my chest, like he had just stabbed me right in the heart, and the tears came flooding into my eyes, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize that I had suddenly become one of your ‘hoes.’” 

“Oh god. No Ella. That’s not what I meant, you’re not-”

“No Harry I think that’s exactly what you meant. I’m no longer the most important friend in your life anymore. My needs come second to your boy’s needs.”

I started walking away, but he grabbed my arm and looked at me with sad, green eyes, “NO HARRY. I’m done.” I yelled as I yanked my arm away. I continued walking, but stopped and turned back to Harry- who was now on the verge of tears, “Harry,” he looked up at me, “Tell Liam I’m sorry- he doesn’t deserve any hate. Send him my love.” He nodded. I had to make sure Liam didn’t think I was mad at him, because I wasn’t. It wasn’t his fault that Harry did and said what he did.
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