Remember Me?

Me and Harry knew each other since we were babies. We were bestfriends from Day One. Everything was perfect until something happend. It wasn't so perfect anymore. Harry made a mistake and is asking for another chance. Shall I give it to him? If I do, what will I do when he makes the same mistake? Or I have a something wrong with me?


1. Chapter One

Beep. Beep. Beep. I smacked my alarm. It’s too early to be awake, I thought to myself. I slowly rolled out of bed and thought of the day ahead of me. I was moving, moving out of this stupid house and moving out of Holmes Chapel. Today, I was moving to London- officially. Most of my stuff was already in my new flat the only thing left to move was some of my clothes and of course- me. 

Living in Holmes Chapel for the past two years has been hell. My parents got divorced, my older sister, Rachel moved out and I was stuck in the same house I’d grown up in with my father who never stopped working. Not to mention the fact that my best friend drifted out of my life. I loved out the window that faced Harry’s window in his room and thought back to the many nights we would write notes back and forth to each other. 

Harry used to be my best friend. Yes THE Harry Styles from One Direction. We grew up next door to each other, and had been friends since birth. No matter what happened to either of us, we were there for each other. He was my first kiss- granted it was only when we were 10, but it still means something to me. Probably means nothing to him. Then, Harry took an interest in singing. He was in a band with a few of his mates called ‘White Eskimo.’ They were a good garage sort of band, but I knew they weren’t going anywhere and Harry was too talented to let it go to waste.

I convinced him into auditioning for the X-Factor UK. One Direction was formed, and it was almost like Harry didn’t have time for me anymore. We started off texting all the time and staying on the phone but as time passed on his texts became more vague and less frequent- same with his phone calls until one day- they just stopped coming. I felt a pain strike in my heart- remembering it all hurt, but I brushed it off and continued to pack up the remainder of my things. 

I finished packing and managed to pry my dad away from his computer for two minutes to say goodbye, then I got in my car and drove away.

Harry’s POV 

“Louis get your ass out of bed, we’re meeting the boys at Starbucks in 30 minutes!” I yelled from my room as I got ready for the day. Once I was fully clothed, I made my way over to my dresser to put some dry shampoo in my hair. 

I couldn’t help but notice the picture I saw every day, it was a picture of Ella and I when we were just little kids- both of us with huge smiles plastered on our faces and her head leaning on my shoulder. I picked it up and remembered back to our childhood and wondered to myself ‘Where did it all go wrong?’ I don’t know why I stopped answering her calls and texts, I was just so busy with X-Factor then afterwards, I felt awkward texting her after we hadn’t talked in so long. I felt horrible and I knew it was my entire fault. 

I walked down to the living room to find Louis sitting on the couch waiting for me. “You ready?”

I put a fake smile on, “Sure am”

We arrived at Starbucks, and I ordered my usual Caramel Cappuccino and went to sit down with the rest of the boys. 
They started on their usual mindless banter, which I usually happily joined in- but something was off about me. 

Then she came through the door, and I absolutely froze. “You alright, mate?” Niall asked, with the rest looking concerned. 

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Louis added.

I couldn’t form words. There she was, my beautiful Ella- in the same coffee shop as me, “Ella” was all I could manage to choke out. They all understood my panic immediately and turned around. 

“Damn, bro. Ella’s looking fi-iittttttt.” Zayn sang and Liam hit him, “Sorry, I was just saying…”

“Well…” I waited for Niall to finish, “Go talk to her!” 

My eyes widened just at the thought of what she’d do or say to me. What if she told me she hated me? I couldn’t handle it if she hated me. I just shook my head furiously before having Louis’s hand smack across my cheek. “SNAP OUT OF IT!” he yelled, “You are Harry fucking Styles, world class flirt, never in fear of talking to some… girl”

“She’s not just some girl, Lou!” I snapped.

His expression changed, “Then go.” His voice was sincere, so I propped myself up took a deep breath and walked over to her. 

“Hey beautiful,” I said behind her. 

She whipped her head around and mirrored the face I’d made earlier. She look like she’d seen a ghost, and it was almost true. To her I was a ghost of her past- probably one she didn’t want a visit from. 


“Miss me?”
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