Remember Me?

Me and Harry knew each other since we were babies. We were bestfriends from Day One. Everything was perfect until something happend. It wasn't so perfect anymore. Harry made a mistake and is asking for another chance. Shall I give it to him? If I do, what will I do when he makes the same mistake? Or I have a something wrong with me?


12. Chapter Eleven

“Okay, when we get home- I don’t even care that we’ve already done it- we are playing strip poker with the guys.” Harry demanded in the car on the way back to London.

I shook my head, “There’s no way! I’m not playing strip poker in front of 5 guys who will clearly beat me and I will end up naked.”

“Not 5 guys… probably 4 because Liam won’t play.” He laughed, “And besides, we all suck at poker.”

I laughed lightly, “Can’t we just play regular poker OR strip crazy eights? I’m really good at crazy eights.”

“Fine. Strip crazy eights it is.” He nodded proudly, and kept on driving, “Maybe I’ll finally get to see you fully naked…. again” He winked and I just rolled my eyes.

“It’s on our bucket list, babe! You have to do it!” God, I loved when he called me babe.

I took a deep breath, “I don’t know, Hazz!”

“Come on! We have the house to ourselves, AND I go to audition for XFactor tomorrow!” He pleaded.

I thought about it for a moment, “Fine. Let’s play.”


“I bet my pants.” Harry said confidently, as his shirt was already off.

I scoffed, “I bet my shirt.” Because mine was already off.

“I bet everything.” He laughed and did the “suck my dick” motion.

I laughed, “I’m all in as well”

“Ready?” He said, gesturing to when we reveal our hands.

I nodded, “On three.”




We both revealed our hands. Ha, I won.

“HAHA! SUCKKERRR!” I yelled.

He cleared everything off the table in one swoop as he yelled, “FUCK!”

I couldn’t stop laughing, “TAKE IT ALLLL OFF, CURLY!”

He shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing you haven’t seen before.” He said and he took off all of his clothes, I had to keep myself from drooling, “I just wanted to see YOU naked!” he laughed.

He started walking towards me with his arms open, “EW! Don’t hug me.” He came closer and closer, I ran. He chased me all around my house, trying to hug me naked, and then finally he got me, “Get off me you fucker!” he just kept laughing, “I don’t want to hug you. This is rape! RAAAPEEE!” He picked me up and threw me on my bed, “You’re such a little shit head, Harry Styles.”

He just laughed, “I don’t know if I-” He lay down beside me; I turned onto my side to face him.

“Go put your clothes on,” I interrupted, “Then we’ll talk.”

He groaned, rolled his eyes, put his pants on and came back to lie down beside me, “Didn’t bother for the shirt?” I asked sarcastically

“Hey! You’re lucky you got the pants.” He laughed.

“Okay, okay.” I rolled over on top of him, “Back to what you were saying before.”

“Oh right…” his eyes looked lost, “I don’t think I can do it.”

“Do what?”

I felt his chest rise and fall as he breathed heavily, “I don’t think I can do X-Factor.”

“Don’t be stupid.”

He rolled his eyes, “Seriously. We’ve been watching it for years now, and the talent that goes onto that show is so much more than me.”

“Are you fucking joking right now?” I said and got off of him, “You’re soo good. Okay? I’ve never heard a voice like yours. You’ve been practising for weeks now and you sound amazing.” I lay back onto of him, “So don’t give me that crap.”

He laughed, “I’m going to miss you.”

I looked up and our eyes met. I loved his eyes. He had the most beautiful green eyes. I felt tears forming in my eyes, “I’ll miss you too.”

I leaned into him so my forehead was resting on his, “Don’t freak out.” He whispered. And he leaned up and planted a kiss on my lips. I didn’t freak out, I kissed him back. The kiss got more intimate and deeper. He gently flipped me onto my back and straddled me. He kissed all around my neck until he found my sweet spot; I let out a soft groan. He kissed all the way down my torso until the edge of my pants. He stopped and placed a hand on the button. “You sure?” He asked.

“It’s you and I tonight.” I nodded.

And that’s how Harry Styles stole my virginity. 

“We’re here!”Harry yelled, waking me up.

I jolted away, “Fuck” I looked over to him, “Sorry what?”

“I said we’re here.”

I looked around, “Oh! We’re home!” I looked out the window to see that it was now dark out; I could see 4 boys standing by the door waiting for us.

Harry was already out of the car, getting our stuff. I was way too tired to move. I heard Harry yelling something to one of the boys and before I knew it, Niall had opened the car door and had lifted me up into his arms- bridal style.

“Hey El” Niall whispered to me, “How was Holmes Chapel?”

“Hey Nialler. Twas good, very good.” I mumbled and cuddled myself into his chest and fell back asleep.


I woke up to the sound of snoring coming from beside me and a bright light shining in my eyes. I opened them and saw the bright sun coming in through an unfamiliar window. I turned to my side to see that I had slept beside Niall. Shit.

I grabbed my phone off the bedside table, 6:47, and snuck out of Niall’s apartment. I made it all the way to my flat until I realized that I didn’t have my keys. They either A. Harry had them or B. They were at Niall’s apartment. I decided to go with A. Harry had them.- because that gave me the option of waking him up at 7am and yelling at him for leaving me with Niall last night. I was starting to regret telling him that I liked Niall- especially because it wasn’t Niall that I liked.

Harry’s POV

I woke up to a loud banging on my front door. Knowing that Louis wouldn’t get the door at 7 in the morning, I got out of bed and dragged myself to the front door.

“You’re in trouble, mister.” I knew it was Ella before I even looked up to see her barging into my flat and heading straight to my room.

“Well good morning to you too, sunshine.” I smiled sarcastically.

She did not look happy, “Where the fuck are my keys and how the fuck did I end up sleeping in Niall’s fucking bed?” she half yelled, trying not to wake Louis up.

I shook my head, “All your stuff is by the door. Your purse and keys included. And as for Niall? You fell asleep in his arms before he even got inside the building.”

“And you couldn’t have just taken me inside my flat or woke me up?”

“No! Because none of us wanted to get your keys out of your purse and there was no waking you up. Besides, I thought you’d like being with Niall.” I winked at her.

She groaned and rolled her eyes, “I lied. Okay? When I said that I liked Niall I fucking lied.”

“You… wait. What?”

“I only like Niall as a friend.” She said quieter and calmer this time.

I took a step closer, “Then… why did you lie to me?”

“Because… because I- I love…” Was she going to say what I thought? “I… I… I have to go.” She cried, tears filled her eyes and she ran past me, grabbed her stuff and ran out.
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