please...I love you

"Harry wait..." Harry stormed off walking faster tears streaming down his face "Harry please... listen too me let me explain, i love you i really do! " if you REALLY did love me, why did you just do that? why did you break my heart? it isn't the first time, all this time i have loved you, protected you, cared for you, did everything for you, gave you every little bit of my heart and life to you and you do this, who do you think you are!!!" Harry's voice rose and he got louder tears poured faster and faster "Harry i'm so sorry it was a bit of fun" " a bit of fun is that all it is, is that all i am to you, your seriously telling me it was a BIT of fun you disrespectful cow!"
Well harry met the girl of his dreams or what he thought he did, what happened? whats going to happen? how will it all end?


2. Welcome

I got my timetable of the lady then I was about to walk away when "Ava Payne" I turned around to see a girl same age as me but she was quite short, she has thin long curly hair down her back, bright sky blue eyes, long eyelashes and she was thin. She was wearing a purple bralet, with white writing and diamonds, studded shorts, white converse and a studded denim jacket. "Hello do I know you?" "no but your name is beautiful, are you related to" she didn't finish her sentence as I knew what she was going to say "Liam Payne yes, I am" her mouth dropped "unfortunately" I mumbled. We started to walk to our lesson turns out we had all the same lessons. "what do you mean by unfortunately  anyone would dream to be related to Liam he is so perfect and well everybody loves him" "well it's a long story but me and Liam used to be so close, until this fame thing happened, I mean will still talk but not very often once every two months? we used to see each other everyday he was the closest and best-est cousin ever, I could tell him anything he was there for me then as soon as he because 'famous' it's like I don't exist." "oh sorry, my name is Evie by the way, Evie-Leigh Jonson" "Hi Evie, well its nice to meet you and it isn't your fault, do you like one direction?" "OMG yeah I am always trying to get tickets" "maybe I could get you some" we kept walking I think she was just shocked she couldn't say anything else I walked into my first class of the day English and my jaw dropped this is the one thing I didn't hope for, why did it always happen to me? what have I done to deserve this? I need to move school now!

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