please...I love you

"Harry wait..." Harry stormed off walking faster tears streaming down his face "Harry please... listen too me let me explain, i love you i really do! " if you REALLY did love me, why did you just do that? why did you break my heart? it isn't the first time, all this time i have loved you, protected you, cared for you, did everything for you, gave you every little bit of my heart and life to you and you do this, who do you think you are!!!" Harry's voice rose and he got louder tears poured faster and faster "Harry i'm so sorry it was a bit of fun" " a bit of fun is that all it is, is that all i am to you, your seriously telling me it was a BIT of fun you disrespectful cow!"
Well harry met the girl of his dreams or what he thought he did, what happened? whats going to happen? how will it all end?


3. Steven...

Why...? I put my head down and walked into the class very slowly hoping he wouldn't notice me. Too late "May is that you..." I ignored him as my name was NOT May "May what you ignoring me for I can't believe it's you!" "Look Steven my name is not May its Ava and I can't believe it's you stay away from me!" My eyes filled up from the memories that Steven brought back. The times he loved me he protected me from everything I was the only one for him or as he says then I find him with my best friend or who I thought was my best friend. This was all in Texas I had no idea he moved here. The time he chased me home one day when we got to my house he came in for tea and my parents thought he was the sweetest boy in the world I have him so many chance and every time he broke my heart every time I was stupid enough to take him back. I snapped out of the memories and took my seat he stood there so shocked. He looked around then sat down I sat and stared at the clock all lesson waiting for the bell to go waiting for my dinner I didn't pay attention to anything said at all then *ring....*

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