please...I love you

"Harry wait..." Harry stormed off walking faster tears streaming down his face "Harry please... listen too me let me explain, i love you i really do! " if you REALLY did love me, why did you just do that? why did you break my heart? it isn't the first time, all this time i have loved you, protected you, cared for you, did everything for you, gave you every little bit of my heart and life to you and you do this, who do you think you are!!!" Harry's voice rose and he got louder tears poured faster and faster "Harry i'm so sorry it was a bit of fun" " a bit of fun is that all it is, is that all i am to you, your seriously telling me it was a BIT of fun you disrespectful cow!"
Well harry met the girl of his dreams or what he thought he did, what happened? whats going to happen? how will it all end?


4. Lunch

The bell went for lunch I stood up and rushed out the class Evie following close behind. We got our dinner and sat down, people looked and stared as they walked past, thinking to themselves who is that? I ignored them all I really didn't care what anyone thought of me, think what they want I am me and I didn't care if people didn't like it. There was a few boy's who would now and again try and talk to me or when they walked past they would wink at me. I had been in that school a couple of hours just shows what boys are really like they didn't even know me. One boy walked past guessing he was the head of the football team, he looked at me and smiled, he has the cutest smile ever his eyes glistened and sparkled. He have me a little wave then walked off, after me smiling back, very embarrassed! Girl's from everywhere now gave me very dirty looks, guessing because the head of the football team just waved at me. I have never had a proper boyfriend apart from Steven, except he was a cheating lying little so and so... "So where have you came from Ava?" Evie spoke up and broke the silence, " a little town in Texas, I hated it brought back so many horrible memories and there is so many horrible people there!" "Oh sorry, I'm sure you won't regret living here". Just then Steven slammed down his tray and sat with us. Will i really not regret living here? I thought to myself. "Hi Evie, Hello May" "Jesus Steven how many times it's Ava not May, things have changed including me and I'm not going back there, you have broke my heart to many times and took my friends from me, it's not happening again! Stay away from me or there will be trouble Steven. I want nothing to do with you!" He slowly moved away knowing every mistake he had made and everything he has done to hurt me. Not regretting what I had just said I turned back to Evie, she looked... let's say shocked! A tear ran down my face trying not to my remember past, I never ever ever wanted to go back there and I never ever ever was getting back with him! Just then my jaw dropped, my eyes stinged trying to hold back tears.. I stood up and was about to walk away, the anger raged in me. I was about to burst if I turned round I wouldn't be able to hold myself back. I couldn't believe it...

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