please...I love you

"Harry wait..." Harry stormed off walking faster tears streaming down his face "Harry please... listen too me let me explain, i love you i really do! " if you REALLY did love me, why did you just do that? why did you break my heart? it isn't the first time, all this time i have loved you, protected you, cared for you, did everything for you, gave you every little bit of my heart and life to you and you do this, who do you think you are!!!" Harry's voice rose and he got louder tears poured faster and faster "Harry i'm so sorry it was a bit of fun" " a bit of fun is that all it is, is that all i am to you, your seriously telling me it was a BIT of fun you disrespectful cow!"
Well harry met the girl of his dreams or what he thought he did, what happened? whats going to happen? how will it all end?


6. Ava's House

Evie's P.O.V

She said don't but I did anyways... I followed her to the principals office without her noticing and I sat on the chair and waited for her outside. I heard a lot of shouting and 5 minutes later, the door flung open with Ava storming out slamming the door behind her. She headed out the doors to go home and I saw her talking to Luke on the way out, saying goodbye and giving him a cuddle, she really is one lucky girl! I mean being related to Liam Payne thee Liam Payne from one direction which means she is probably met the rest of the boys! Now she is becoming best friends with Luke thee Luke young head football player of the football team and cutest boy in school that every girl likes! I noticed nearly every girl glares at her and looks at her with dirty looks, I'm not surprised though at how good her life seems! I don't know inside stories but she really has an amazing life, however she doesn't seem to like it? very strange if you ask me!

Luke's P.O.V

I saw her head my way, so I stopped her, I took her hand's and talked to her told her it would be ok and she obviously had a good reason to do that, I gave her a cuddle and a sneaky kiss on the cheek then as she walked off  gave her a reassuring look. She was so beautiful! Like everyone I mean everyone is beautiful in some sort of way but Ava was amazing she was perfect, I hope I can be friends with her, oh and Evie.She smiled as she walked away heading somewhere I do not know, but I do know she just has a row with the principal! I saw Evie outside the office so I walked over to her, she quickly grabbed my hand,which took me by surprise, she started pulling me towards her car, what was she doing? We sat in the car and she slowly pulled away as she followed Ava but kept out of sight, after a few minutes the car stopped, as Ava went into a house we slowly got out the car, I am guessing that was her house, it was beautiful, a big garden decorated so beautifully with flowers and the fresh bright green grass. We walked through the big gates that led to the garden. We walked up the path and to the porch. Evie was about to knock on the door, when we heard shouting, I grabbed her hand to stop her to let them have their moment, once they finished Evie knocked on the door. I listened carefully to the music coming from the top window,


"heart beat harder,

time escapes me,

trembling hands touch skin, it make this harder,

and the tears stream down my face."

I had never heard that song before but it obviously meant something to her.

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