please...I love you

"Harry wait..." Harry stormed off walking faster tears streaming down his face "Harry please... listen too me let me explain, i love you i really do! " if you REALLY did love me, why did you just do that? why did you break my heart? it isn't the first time, all this time i have loved you, protected you, cared for you, did everything for you, gave you every little bit of my heart and life to you and you do this, who do you think you are!!!" Harry's voice rose and he got louder tears poured faster and faster "Harry i'm so sorry it was a bit of fun" " a bit of fun is that all it is, is that all i am to you, your seriously telling me it was a BIT of fun you disrespectful cow!"
Well harry met the girl of his dreams or what he thought he did, what happened? whats going to happen? how will it all end?


1. A new start...

A new start, I woke up to my mom popping her head around the corner, "wake up sleepy head, long day ahead of you" I groaned loud enough for her to hear I hate waking up this time in the morning! "Ava your breakfast is ready, time for a new start, a new school, come on sweetie" I hopped out of bed rubbing my eyes still so tired, I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror. Some people were jealous of me I didn't exactly see why I wasn't beautiful or anything. I had green eyes with an outline of sea blue and long brown hair in natural ringlets, I had quite a thin figure and quite pale skin. I went to my wardrobe and rumidged for something nice I finally found a pale blue dress to my knees with a silver belt and sandal's with diamonds on them, silver earrings with diamonds and a matching necklace, also a little white cardigan. I went downstairs after putting my hair natural to eat my breakfast. I seriously wasn't hungry at all. I at down thinking of the long busy day ahead of me, what would happen in my new school, I had just moved house long story short... but would people like me at this school? would I meet a boy? I was so excited but very nervous. I hated it in Texas, I moved to Stratford yesterday not so far off London, a long way away I know but I  had so many bad memories in Texas everything I saw reminded me of them, I hated it. I swept my hair round my shoulder covering my ear and neck where I had a long scar, it sent shivers down my back and a tear to my eye. I hated that thing, it would always be there to remind me of what has happened. it would never go away the tear dropped from my eye as I came back to reality  My mum shouted of me, I walked to were she was and she told me she would take me to school we jumped in the car and here it was the first day at my new school what will happen? I was so nervous, we arrived as I stepped out of the car a group of boys started wolf whistling I was so embaressed a group of girls just glared at me as I walked past an another group of girls looked very shocked I looked at myself thinking something was wrong. I just headed for the entrance. I reached the reception and the lady spoke. "Hello, can I help you?" "yeah, its my first day here I was wondering where do I go?" the lady asked for my name as I spoke out I stuttered, "Ava, Ava pa- Ava May Payne" finally getting it out I hated that name so much I just wished I could change it like now... 

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