My Best Friend, Or My Boyfriend?

Ariana used to date Liam Payne when they were both 14. Ariana broke up with him and Liam moved away...for a while. Now he's back in the UK, and meets Ariana who is oblivious to the fact that her old boyfriend Liam is now her best friend besides Lisa. Her new boyfriend isn't the happiest about Liam and the less time Ariana has been spending with him, and the more time she's been spending with Liam. But since he isn't one of those world-class jerks, he keeps it to himself. Who will Ariana chose? Liam, nice, cute, fit, sweet, or Josh, nice, handsome, and sweet? Guess it depends.


15. Wishing for Him - But Who IS Him?

I started to get ready for our double date. I put on some black leggings that went past the knees for about four inches, a long sweater, almost like a dress, and boots that went up to the middle of my shin. I left my long, wavy, hair down, and put on a bracelet, grabbed a jacket and purse and headed out the door.

When I got there, Josh kissed my cheek and said I looked like, "Amazing," as he said.

"Thanks, Josh," I said.

I sat across from Josh and next to Zayn, and Lisa sat next to Josh.

"Well," I began. "I was walking the dog when I slipped and hit my head, lying in the middle of the road. When I woke up I was tied and gagged, in a car. He took me to a clearing in the forest and set up a tent, and..." I went on to tell them how One Direction rescued me. At one point, Josh seemed nervous, like, I don't know, but the expression on his face reminded me of fear. Fear of losing me...huh. Oh well, my imagination, right? Anyway, after i finished we had a wonderful time.

When I got home, how ever, I felt weird. I should've been with someone else. Not Josh, weird, right? Right. I - I'm just hallucinating again, that's it. Like when I thought I should be in Liam's arms. It HAD felt right though, like it was meant to be. I'm right, right? Wrong. It can't be. He's my best friend, not boyfriend. I can't, won't think of it anymore. But it felt right, and I felt safe, and SNAP OUT OF IT. Dang it! What is the matter with me? Just then my phone started to buzz.


"Hi!" Lisa's voice said.

"Oh, hi Lisa! What cha calling for?"

"Well, I was wondering...why ARE you with Josh?"

"Well, cause I love him."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Yeah..." I trailed off.

"You don't sound very sure."

"After two years, yeah, I love him. Yep."

"You sound like you're trying to convince yourself."

"Lisa, I gotta go. I have...homework."

"Whatever stops the tears, Ariana, whatever stops the tears."

I hung up and planted my face in the pillow crying. Who did I love? Josh or...or...or Liam? Why AM I with Josh? I like him, but do I love him? And I like Liam, but am I in love with him?

After hours of thinking, I finally got my answer. And I don't know if I'm happy or not
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