My Best Friend, Or My Boyfriend?

Ariana used to date Liam Payne when they were both 14. Ariana broke up with him and Liam moved away...for a while. Now he's back in the UK, and meets Ariana who is oblivious to the fact that her old boyfriend Liam is now her best friend besides Lisa. Her new boyfriend isn't the happiest about Liam and the less time Ariana has been spending with him, and the more time she's been spending with Liam. But since he isn't one of those world-class jerks, he keeps it to himself. Who will Ariana chose? Liam, nice, cute, fit, sweet, or Josh, nice, handsome, and sweet? Guess it depends.


3. The...issue

We finished decorating the gymnasium, and I went home, but, unfortunately, not before, sigh, a little drama.

"Ariana!" I heard my boyfriend, Josh, yell.
"Yeah! I'm over here with Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Lou!"
"Stay there!"
 Soon I saw Josh. "Hey, hon'!"
"Hey babe."
"What do you want?"
"I heard, um, can we talk in private?"
"Uh, sure."
Josh led me to another part of the gym.
"Yeah? What's up?" I asked. This was not looking good.
"I heard...don't take this the wrong way, but I heard how Liam was basically carrying you, and running around the gym."
I looked at the floor. "He wasn't carrying me, I was hanging in a V shape over his back, and it was more like messing around. You can trust me, Josh. When have I given you any reason to worry?"
Josh seemed to "blow down," or, rather, calm down, but hey! I have my own style. 
"Yeah. I guess you're right."
"I'm always right!" I said as I hugged him, "Anyway, who told you about that?"
For some (NOT unknown) reason, Evangeline always seemed to like my boyfriend and tried to steal them from me. I hated her. Just because her boyfriend dumped her in the 8th grade for me she tried to steal my boyfriends. I had told the guy sorry, but no. But did she see that? Nope. Ugh.

Liam's P.O.V.
"Not when Evangeline's the head."
Gosh, this girl needed to lighten up!
"LIAM!!! PUT - ME - DOWN!!!"
Did I listen? No. I ran around the gymnasium, Ariana on my back. 
"You couldn't slap me anyway, you forgot - you're on MY BACK!"
How I love it when I'm right.
Finally I had to put her down, the lads had all said, and at the same time, which rarely happens, 'Put the girl down' so, sigh, I did. We got off lucky - no detention. But if we had I knew Ariana'd blame me for it, so yeah, lucky.
Josh came up to her after we were finished and started to tell her something, but changed his mind, about telling her in front of us anyway. At first they seemed to be arguing about something, but then they made up and...hugged. Oi. I guess I should say, I'm Liam Payne. Yeah. I never knew what I had until I lost it. Isn't that always the case? Anyway, I still have feelings for her. I got the lads' promise that they wouldn't tell, and hey, everyone else at school's convinced. So I figured, what the hey?
Anyway, present:

"Liam! Liam!" Niall was shouting.
"What! What?!"
"Harry cracked a joke and you didnt hear so I started to yell your name, and after like the millionth time you finally answered!"
"Oh. What was the joke?"
They told me the joke and it wasn't that funny, like all of Harry's jokes. Louis was staring at me and I got uncomfortable. "Liam, come with me," He said. Oh joy.
"Spill it. What's the problem?"
Oh crud. "I still...I still have feelings for Ariana."
"Well, DUH."
"Oh crud, is it that obvious?"
"Well, apparently not because she doesn't have a clue."
"Yeah, and I want to keep it that way, so DON'T tell her!"
"I wasn't planning on it, but now that you ask..."
"Kidding! Kidding. Anyway, anything else?"
"Yeah. How do you get a girl to like you?"
"Easy. Be yourself. And picking her up and running around the gym was a good start."
Something I had done was actually a good start to getting her to like me?
"Uh, thanks?"
"Welcome. C'mon, let's go back to Niall before he has another laughing fit."
When we got back, Ariana was waiting for me. Gosh, she looked so pretty in her jean shorts, aqua-blue t-shirt, and hair in a messy bun.
"Bye, Turtle," she said, while giving me a hug.
"Bye, Ri."
Those were our nick names for each other.
And before I knew it she was gone.
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