My Best Friend, Or My Boyfriend?

Ariana used to date Liam Payne when they were both 14. Ariana broke up with him and Liam moved away...for a while. Now he's back in the UK, and meets Ariana who is oblivious to the fact that her old boyfriend Liam is now her best friend besides Lisa. Her new boyfriend isn't the happiest about Liam and the less time Ariana has been spending with him, and the more time she's been spending with Liam. But since he isn't one of those world-class jerks, he keeps it to himself. Who will Ariana chose? Liam, nice, cute, fit, sweet, or Josh, nice, handsome, and sweet? Guess it depends.


1. Prologue:

I am Ariana Lila McLean. I have long, wavy, dark brown hair. I am dating Liam James Payne, but maybe not for long. He doesn't really say he loves me, or act like it. He just dates me. And that's not what I want. Anyway, the day we broke up:

I was in the cafeteria at school with Lisa, my best friend, waiting for Liam.
"Hey, babe," Liam said, after slidding next to me and putting his lunch on the table.
"Hey, hon," I said. This was our usual every-day greeting.
"Um, Liam?" I asked a little hesitantly.
"I sometimes feel like you don't really act like you love me, just date me."
"And I feel, well, used."
"Really? Because I don't think that's true."
His voice had risen a little.
"Really? Becau-"
"Stop it!" Lisa cut in.
I looked at her and she blushed. Because, well, she was embarassed, but because of the fact that everyone in the cafeteria was staring at her, knowing that she is REALLY shy.
"You guys were getting a little loud...So I acted with out thinking..."
"Ok, thanks, I guess..." I said. Then I turned to Liam. "What do you think?"
"I don't know. You?"
"I...I think...I think we need a break."
Liam stared at me shocked.
"I'm sorry, but, well, that's what I think and you asked. We're...we're through."
Liam stared at me, shocked from I guess the fact that he had lost me. He calmly got up and went to sit at a different table. Well, I didn't feel sorry.
"You know what?" I asked Lisa.
"I'm-I'm not hungry anymore." But why wouldn't I be? He was my first boyfriend that I broke up with and not the other way around.
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