My Best Friend, Or My Boyfriend?

Ariana used to date Liam Payne when they were both 14. Ariana broke up with him and Liam moved away...for a while. Now he's back in the UK, and meets Ariana who is oblivious to the fact that her old boyfriend Liam is now her best friend besides Lisa. Her new boyfriend isn't the happiest about Liam and the less time Ariana has been spending with him, and the more time she's been spending with Liam. But since he isn't one of those world-class jerks, he keeps it to himself. Who will Ariana chose? Liam, nice, cute, fit, sweet, or Josh, nice, handsome, and sweet? Guess it depends.


17. Break Up

Great. Just great. Knowing Lisa, she probably dropped the phone. "Lisa? Lisa, pick up the phone, please. LISA!"
"Ok, ok," she said. "Hello?"
"Oi, Lisa. Just...just oi."
"Oh, shut up."
"Nah, I'd rather not."
"So what are you gonna do bout Josh?"
"Well, that's one of the reasons why I called. What should I do?"
"Uh? DUMP HIM?!"
"DUH! But how?"
"Let him know you don't feel anything any more. But NICELY!"
"Again. I repeat, DUH!"
"Oh shut up!"
"You first."
"Urgh! Next thing I know Louis'll stuff a carrot up one of our faces."
"Most likely so. Any way, good and good bye!"
I hung up, nervous if Josh would take it ok. Just then my phone rang. I looked at it. It was Josh. Taking a shaky breath, I reached for the phone. "Hello?"
Then we spoke at the same time, "I have to tell you something. What? You go first. Dang it!"
"Ok," I said slowly. "We go at the same time."
We both said, "I think that we're not working out. But we can still be friends."
I laughed with relief. "Good. See ya later."
I heard Josh smiling through the phone. "See ya."
I flopped in my bed with relief.
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