Desire of the Soul

Was he the one she really wanted?
Bobbie says she loves Charlie, but her heart says he's not the one for her. When she reaches her 16th birthday she has to decide her destiny.


1. Path of Hate

The scent of lavender was overpowering. A sickly smell that made Bobbie want to scream. But she along with many others had to stay quiet and do what they were told. Charlie could sense that Bobbie wasn't herself so he sidled over to he and gave her a quick kiss. Nonetheless, Bobbie didn't respond and merely looked out of the train window checking how far they had yet to go. Of course, she loved Charlie. She was supposed to get married to him the moment she turned 16. That was what her family wanted. That was what she wanted, wasn't it? 

The moment when self doubt crept into Bobbie's mind was when she was on the train to London with him. It was his treat to take her to London and have fun. That was the duty of any loving husband-to-be. But Bobbie, deep inside, felt like she should betray her family name. Simply because she didn't love Charlie. 

As she stared out of the misty window, she began to fiddle with the ruby bracelet on her wrist. Slowly, she twirled it round one way then the other, watching the beautiful colours reflect off her fiancé's face. His sharp features looked striking in the crimson glow, but Bobbie still felt no affection for him. 

Feeling annoyed with herself, and her family, she glared across at the couple sat next to them. With giggles and grins they were kissing each other gently as they snuggled close together. Envy welled up inside Bobbie, as she watched the girl melt into her fiancé's muscular arms. Her and Charlie just sat there, like harsh statues that had no emotion. Well Bobbie did to say the least. Charlie tried hugging her and giving her all sorts of presents, but Bobbie just could not love him. 

"I'm going for a walk." Bobbie's hollow voice broke up the monotony of the silence. As soon as she rose to her feet Charlie began to follow. "Stay here!" She jerked her head to indicate he must sit, before stalking off alone. The other couple gasped at this outcry  but soon lost interest in someone else's affairs. 

Bobbie kicked an empty can along the corridor, keeping her eyes to the ground so she didn't have to see all the other happy couples. Inside her heart was aching for freedom, but still she walked. Subdued as if she were walking along a path of hate.

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