Secret message

When Rachel gets a secret message she can only hope it is from her Prince Charming. But she is young and naive and has not learnt that chasing dreams is not a good idea.


2. Something in the Mist

Everyone on the school bus turned and stared, as Rachel clambered on that Monday morning. The news of her encounter with Andrew, had spread like quick-fire through the normally sleepy school. 

"She laughed in his face" 

"He threatened her but she still said no!"

Rachel's ears burned as she heard people whisper about her and Andrew. They called it "TARA" - The Andy Rachel Affair. It wasn't as if anyone got hurt, because she knew she was as plain as a piece of paper. No-one would ever ask her out of their own accord. Mary Ellen, Rachel's best friend, rushed towards Rachel and gave her a huge bear hug whilst babbling on about the geography homework, her dreams about a mutant dog and her brother screaming and having to go to hospital in the middle of the night. Anything that didn't involve Andy. Complacently Rachel stared out of the window thinking back and wondering if she had been too harsh. 

As the bus reached school, Rachel jumped up and ran to get off first. When she was running past a group of giggling girls, her foot slipped and she started to fall. Before she hit the floor though, a pair of muscular arms reached out and caught her. Embarrassed, but slightly relieved, she raised her blond head to become eye level with her hero. Except he wasn't the hero in her fairy story. He was the villain.

""ANDREW!" she shrieked and fled into the mist that encompassed the mist. Looking back she saw that group of giggling girls doubled over with soundless laughter as they kicked at the contents of her school bag that were scattered around the bus. She picked up the words 'greed' and 'piggy' as they raided through her lunch bag, well the lunch bag she shared with her sister. 

Finding a quiet place behind a bin, Rachel sank to the floor and began to sob. 

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