Secret message

When Rachel gets a secret message she can only hope it is from her Prince Charming. But she is young and naive and has not learnt that chasing dreams is not a good idea.


3. Damaged Goods

The water looked deep and inviting. Calling out to Rachel, asking her to dive straight in. And she would have done if the other girls hadn't have been there too. Swimming had always been her passion but school swimming was nothing like the intensive training she put herself through. 

Rachel felt herself being pushed into a line with the rest of her friends and classmates. A height ordered line with George Gilliam at the front and Rachel at the back. Victor Flynn, a small boy with angular features elbowed Rachel right in the chest. Unfortunately for her he had angular elbows as well. 

After TARA had occurred Rachel felt herself being slowly pushed away from the other students. In fact it hadn't been slow it had happened within a matter of days. Since then she became accustomed to the kicks under grainy desks and pinches as she passed by. That wasn't even the worst, that was the snide remarks and mean comments. 

From now on she would see herself as damaged goods.  

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