Secret message

When Rachel gets a secret message she can only hope it is from her Prince Charming. But she is young and naive and has not learnt that chasing dreams is not a good idea.


1. A Lost Hope

Rachel knew what she'd done as soon as she'd shut the door. She had just rejected Andrew. Andrew was the sort of boy everyone wanted to go out with, and only the luckiest people got to. Of course, it hadn't been the most romantic of affairs. Rachel had been in the potted plant area of the garden centre with her mum, when Andy appeared. Unlike most people, who would have flirted and fluttered their eyelashes, Rachel merely said "Hi Andy." To make it worse, Andy was a bit taken aback as he wasn't used to people acting normal around him. Perhaps that was why he asked her out. Whereas any other girl would has fallen over themselves with joy Rachel had said no.

Now she was regretting her stupid mistake, and knew she would never live it down. 

Brinnnng. Brinnnng. With a sense of false hope Rachel leapt, arms outstretched, towards her HTC. Using her long fingernails like talons, she scrabbled at the buttons until the caller name showed up. Charlotte xxxx. Slowly she stabbed the red reject tab and sighed as she returned to her loneliness. 

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