One Direction Imagines <3

These are just some imagines about One Direction. I will hopefully be able to post at least one imagine of 1 boy a day. I will do them equally of Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam. Thanks!



2. Niall Imagine for Hannah

 Imagine: You're sitting at home with your boyfriend Niall. You see him start to cry, while on his phone.                  You: "What's wrong Niall?" you ask him, starting to feel sad.                                                                  Niall: "It's all of the haters. They can't stop being mean." You look over at his phone. They're saying that Niall is ugly, a bad singer, and doesn't deserve to be in 1D.                                                                               You: "Don't listen to them Niall. You aren't ugly, you are a great singer, and you definitely deserve to be in One Direction!" You kiss him on the cheek and he starts to blush. You go and snuggle with him on the couch, and he kisses you on the head.                                                                                                               Niall: "Thank you Hannah. I love you." You start to blush and you start to fall asleep in Niall's arms.         You: "I love you too Nialler." you say as you're about to fall asleep. As you sleep, Niall kisses you on the head and on your cheek, and starts to fall asleep too.


Sorry about the shortness of the imagine...

-Samantha (bradfordbadgurl4)

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