One Direction Imagines <3

These are just some imagines about One Direction. I will hopefully be able to post at least one imagine of 1 boy a day. I will do them equally of Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam. Thanks!



4. Louis Imagine for Carolina

Imagine: You have been out all day, and you are finally coming home to see your wonderful fiance (the person that you're engaged to). You open the door to your house, and you shout Louis' name. No response. You take off your shoes, set down your bags and shout his name once more. Still, no response. You are getting nervous, and you look all over the house for him, now screaming Louis' name. You look in the closet, and you see Louis tied up with ropes and duct tape over his mouth. You untie him and gently take the duct tape off his mouth. You: "Oh my goodness! Boobear, are you okay?!?" You see that he has cuts all over, and a bloody nose.  Louis: "Yeah, Carolina, I'm fine." You: "No you're not! Let me get you cleaned up! But, what happened?" Louis: "Some stupid robbers came in and tried to steal everything. I got up and got into a fist fight  with 2 of them. (There were 3). The other one of them found the duct tape and rope." he says as you help him into the kitchen, and you start to clean him up. You manage to stop his bloody nose, and get most of the cuts covered. Louis: "They managed to take small stuff, like some of your old jewelry, but they took your special necklace. I'm so sorry Carolina." You: "I'm just happy that you didn't get severely hurt." Once you finish, he takes you into your guys' bedroom, and lays you down on the bed. He climbs up, and you kiss him on the cheek. He kisses you passionately on the lips, and you 2 fall asleep after a hard day.

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