One Direction Imagines <3

These are just some imagines about One Direction. I will hopefully be able to post at least one imagine of 1 boy a day. I will do them equally of Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam. Thanks!



1. Louis Imagine

Imagine: You are sitting at home, practicing your vocals for your audition for Broadway tomorrow. You are really nervous, because this is your first time doing this, and your afraid that you will mess-up. You start to sing, then you hear the doorbell ring. You open the door, and you see Louis, your boyfriend, with flowers. "Hi Y/N." he says, handing you the flowers. "Why are you here?" you ask him, as you invite him inside. He replies, "Isn't it obvious? I came to see you." You tell him that you are trying to rehearse for your audition for tomorrow.                                             

"I'm nervous." You say. 

"What's there to be nervous about?"

"About the audition tomorrow."

"You will do fine."

"But Louis, what if I don't. What if I mess up in front of everyone? What will I do then?"

"Don't worry about that, because you won't mess up. You are a great singer and actress and there is no possible way that you will mess up. You are perfect, and that is all that matters."

"Are you sure?"


As you put the script away, Louis play-tackles you on the ground, kissing you all over your face. You tell him that you are tired, and get up. You and him snuggle up together on the couch, and as you fall asleep, he is rubbing your back, and kisses you on the head.


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