This was A Speech I had written for My PSE class. When I was writing it, It actually brought A tear to My eye, Because All Of It Is true. Every single bit of it. So I thought, What If I posted it on here? Then A few Hundred people would see it, And I could help make A difference.....


1. My Speech

Hi. So you probably know what I'm Here for, right? Well. You Obviously Know what Bullying Is, So That's what I'm here to talk about. Can I just say, I'm not gonna waste your time, by saying stuff like, yeah, don't bully, dudes, It's bad.... I'm Here To get down to the point. I'm sure you have heard of Amanda Todd, If you haven't  she was bullied. She felt she had no one to talk to. She tried to end her life by drinking bleach, But that didn't work. She just ended up getting more hate on Facebook, People saying crap like, 'drink more bleach, you bitch' She had enough of it, and in her bedroom, one night, she hung herself. Yeah, She died. She took her own life because of stupid people that think it's fun to bully.                     

Yeah, so what I think bullies are, are just sick people, that think it's fun to make people cry themselves to sleep, and that think it's fun to make people even think about killing themselves. And I hope, that anyone who has ever bullied someone, or called someone names or punched them, feels really bad. And right now, I hope that all people that get bullied tell someone. Wanna know why? Well, If you tell someone as soon as it starts, then It gets dealt with.                     Bullying needs to stop. Its not cool. I started this, because as soon as I heard about Amanda, I automatically thought back to my very close friend, and I will not mention her name on here, as it is a very sad story, and Yea, I'm gonna tell you it...                     

Back when I was in primary school, My friend was getting bullied. Yea, there was only 7 girls in my class of 25, so most of the girls ganged up on her. I didn't. I felt really bad for her. Those stupid girls, would call her a countless number of names. They would say she stinks, crap like that. It wasn't her fault that she rarely seen her dad, and that her mother was Of somewhat Supposedly taking drugs.                       

Yeah, so those girls kept that up. Everyday, She would be hanging abut on her own, looking for someone to play with. And one day, I saw those girls taking the mick out of her, because she was wearing 'playboy trainers'. So I went up to them and said, "why do you think it's funny, To take the mick out of someone, who has done nothing to you, apart from breathe your own air? What Is your Problem with her? You are Such Sick people. Would you like it If You Didn't see your dad, like , at All? Would you like it, if you couldn't get all the stuff you have? Think Of How Spoiled you are. Now think of her, who gets pens and coloring pencils and notebooks to draw in for Christmas. So I advise you Right now, To stop It, Right now, Or If She Doesn't Tell someone, I will." And with that, I walked away. Yeah, I felt proud of myself, but just then I lost about 5 friends. To be honest, I didn't care. What they done t that girl was unacceptable. And If you thought that part f the story was bad, think again.                    

At the start of Primary 6, Her mum got Breast Cancer, And she was never at school. Of course, no one else knew apart from me, as me and her had gained a rather strong friendship. So everyone kept saying to her when she was at school," you skidger". Only I understood what was happening to her. Turns out those girls didn't stop bullying her. I went to the headteacher. I told her what was going on, but she didn't d anything. I hated that school after that. I hated it so much.                      

Then, Her mum died on Christmas eve. No exaggeration here, She did. And I was crying so much. I felt so sorry for her, I really did. And do you know whats funny? After that all the bullying stopped  No one said anything, apart from giving her hugs. I felt so angry, I just wanted to scream at all those girls and boys that ever said anything to her, who were now, hugging her, and actually being nice... Now I hardly see her, Because she moved away with her aunt, as her dad was not a suitable state to take care of her.                        

Now I hope that anyone, who Thinks It's funny to bully, thinks twice before they act. And I hope, I have made As much of A difference as I can.

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