I Hate That I love You(1D)

This is actually a true story in the beginning but towards the ending its more of a dream. Aliyah always loved Niall. She would try not to show it but she did. One day her friends give her a newspaper saying Niall and Demi are dating. She tries to blow it off but she couldnt. She breaks down into tears and goes insane. After a while she didnt like Niall anymore didnt even wanna think about him. She goes to a concert and meets the boys. What happens when she meets Niall?


4. Stop asking me

Aliyah's P.O.V


I go home everyday from school not even thinking about what happened until I get on kik.


"Aliyah Alana likes Niall" Mary says


"Oh cool"


"Don't worry she doesn't want to marry him" I don't want to even marry him.


I don't think she knows what happened to me. But that's fine as well I'll let it go.


"You ok?" Mary asks


"Yeah I'm fine don't worry" Was I really fine? I always say I was when I feel like I wasn't.


"Oh ok :)" What's wrong with me! I need to forgive its not even true!


"Hey" Mel says




"Haha how are you about the whole n**** thing"


Would they stop asking me! I'm perfectly fine I have managed to stay away from him.


"I'm fine"


"Oh so you forgive him?"




Oh I made plenty of other story's while I was upset. They all are sad. I couldn't even finish one of my story's because it was a love story about a girl named Winter and she was dating Niall. I didn't want to be bothered by that one bit.


"Yasmin can you write another chapter for my birthday wish?!?!!" Tayah says


Tayah really loves the book I did she has gotten attached to it. I said yes of course because I didn't want to let her down so I tried my best not to put hateful words in there towards Niall.

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