I Hate That I love You(1D)

This is actually a true story in the beginning but towards the ending its more of a dream. Aliyah always loved Niall. She would try not to show it but she did. One day her friends give her a newspaper saying Niall and Demi are dating. She tries to blow it off but she couldnt. She breaks down into tears and goes insane. After a while she didnt like Niall anymore didnt even wanna think about him. She goes to a concert and meets the boys. What happens when she meets Niall?


2. Lexi

Aliyah's P.O.V


I was still crying my eyes out almost dying in the inside. I got a message on kik from my friend that I barely talk to anymore.


"Don't cry" Lexi says


"I can't help it" I said


"It's not true I did the same thing that happened with Zayn I cried like a baby for the whole week" she said


"We'll I probably wouldn't do that but it's hard"


"I know it is dont cry it's not even real"


"The article is messing everyone up" she said


"Yeah it really is!" I said


"Wait how did you know I was upset?" I asked


"Mel did you tell Lexi I was crying?" I asked her in the other chat


"No haha" she said I thought it was quite strange until Lexi replied back to me.


"I knew because of the article and I knew you liked Niall"


"Oh aww how sweet haha your making me cry"


"No don't cry I'm trying to prevent that" she said


"Hahah i know I'm sorry"


We went on chatting about that and we later on talked about a song the little mix singed. I stopped crying finally. But i still was sad in the inside.

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