I Hate That I love You(1D)

This is actually a true story in the beginning but towards the ending its more of a dream. Aliyah always loved Niall. She would try not to show it but she did. One day her friends give her a newspaper saying Niall and Demi are dating. She tries to blow it off but she couldnt. She breaks down into tears and goes insane. After a while she didnt like Niall anymore didnt even wanna think about him. She goes to a concert and meets the boys. What happens when she meets Niall?


6. I wish

Aliyah's P.O.V


I came home and my friend bought me one direction tickets. One point in time I didn't want to go because of Niall. Then another point I was like I can always ignore him and see the others. Everything in my mind was going crazy. Love him already what if its a sign saying he loves you but he didn't see his princess yet? I always denied it.


Mel and Tayah always say to like him because they miss the old me. I made Mary cry because I told her why I didn't like Niall anymore. She was upset because I guess you can say it was a sad thing. Bre and Sophia still didn't know how I was feeling. I think everyone should of stopped carrying about me and how I didn't like Niall. It doesn't even matter anymore it's my choice. Deal with it is what I kept saying in my head.

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