I Hate That I love You(1D)

This is actually a true story in the beginning but towards the ending its more of a dream. Aliyah always loved Niall. She would try not to show it but she did. One day her friends give her a newspaper saying Niall and Demi are dating. She tries to blow it off but she couldnt. She breaks down into tears and goes insane. After a while she didnt like Niall anymore didnt even wanna think about him. She goes to a concert and meets the boys. What happens when she meets Niall?


3. His Face,His name

Aliyah's P.O.V


Days has pasted from that terrible day I had but I moved on with my life. Even though I have ignored any pictures of Niall. Even Mel and them would say N**** instead of Niall because they knew not to speak of him.


"Are you still upset with him?" Mel asks


"Wuth who?" I say confused


"The boy name that starts with a N, n****"


"Oh...umm yeah"


"Oh ok I was just wondering" She said


"It's ok"


"Well why do you even hate him it's not true?"


"I know but for me it takes me months to forgive or you have to give me a good reason why I should"


"Oh ok haha"


Mel was very sweet to me she always made my day and make me laugh, everyone did, they knew there was still one part in me that is still happy. Every time I hear his name or even see his name or even see his face I just shake my head and turn away. I dont want to be bothered.


"Oh my gosh Niall is mine" Bre says


I'm guessing they didnt know I was still hurting about him? But I just said one thing only.


"Hahah ok you can have him"


":) yay" She says


Im tired of feeling this way but I don't want to care for him. I don't know why i'm so angry about this!

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