I Hate That I love You(1D)

This is actually a true story in the beginning but towards the ending its more of a dream. Aliyah always loved Niall. She would try not to show it but she did. One day her friends give her a newspaper saying Niall and Demi are dating. She tries to blow it off but she couldnt. She breaks down into tears and goes insane. After a while she didnt like Niall anymore didnt even wanna think about him. She goes to a concert and meets the boys. What happens when she meets Niall?


7. Happy

Aliyah's P.O.V


My life has passed on and on. Time never freezing one bit. Everyone still living their lives. Me slowly forgiving Niall even though it wasn't his fault. I seem so stubborn. Will I ever love this boy again? His beautiful accent. His beautiful smile. His lovely laugh. How could I leave all that behind? But deep down inside me I still don't care about him.


"Let's pretend like we are the boys" Mary says


"I'll be Niall" Mary says Jk, Aliyah you can be Niall if you like."


"Don't speak of him" I said




Did she forgot already how I felt about him? It's ok that she did but I told her about what happened yesterday! I feel like I'm one of those fans who hated Niall and just loved the other 4. I feel like a real bitch for that. Do I hate myself? Why am I acting like this! I feel like only two people in this world understand me. How I feel but they want me to stop feeling that way. It won't ever be possible.


"Do you know where I can get a 1D cake at?" Sophia questions


"Umm I think it has to be made" I said




"Yeah unless Dairy Queen has it"


"I will check there" It's Sophia's birthday tomorrow so happy birthday to her.

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