Book of my dreams all dream't by me.


2. Me and the invasion of roast chickens.

Alright I was at my cousins for a sleepover sent to bed at 8.23 because all the cousins including the ones that weren't at the sleepover we had to go to a football camp. I was excited about going there I love football I am quite good but any way. These freaky roast chickens started chasing people and zapping people turning them into roast chickens they were building and army but when the chickens got cold the would be put into an oven and taken out again my hamster was baby chicken, my guinea pigs were toddler chickens, my dog was child chicken I wasn't touched neither was my mum or brother then I felt a tingle on my leg it. I was about to turn into a roast chicken relief filled me when I woke up. I had this dream before I turned vegetarian.  



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