life with one direction

20 year old Skylar, 19 year old Reagan and Kyra are normal every day girls, but what they don't know is one of the three is keeping a secret surprise. She has met one direction, has there phone number, and knows where they live. Will the girls end up meeting and livening with the boys and fall in love with them?

Read the book and find out


1. Getting ready

I woke up at 10:00 a.m, Kyra was up fixing breakfast.I could smell bacon, pancakes and syrup, and eggs. When breakfast was done she came down the hall to get us up to eat. I hopped up and put on some Aeropostale sweat pants and a old tee shirt. Reagan came out of her room wearing shorts and a tee shirt minus the fact of how cold it was in the apartment. When we got down stairs we ate our breakfast quick because today we were going to the mall and possibly stopping by the adoption center and adopting a pet. So after breakfast we ran to our rooms and got dressed and fixed our hair. I put on my hollister holy jeans and a Louisville cardinal shirt and spearies. We grabbed our purses and headed for the jeep. First stop the mall!
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