Live While We're Young

jessicas dad just so happens to be in the music industry. also it just so happens that his new clients are one direction! but jessica has a rough time keeping a promise she knew she'd never keep....


2. tour?

"so what are we gonna do mr. lopez?" asked harry trying to ignore what had happened."well you guys are to spend the night tonight here and then early we will pack and go on tour. jessica you are coming" i put my hands up looking at him with my mouth opened "why do i have to come" i asked "because i know you want to and your mother is going on tour too" said my dad. "wait hold on. is your mom jennifier lopez?" asked zayn i shook my head yes. and it was true. my mom was jennifier lopez. i hated this though. if she wouldnt have been famous, i would have been able to go out without stupid photographers fleshing their cameras in my face. "why cant i go with mom?" i asked "because i know you wont have fun there" he said. he was right. last time i went on tour with mom, she ignored me and i had the worst time ever. plus i secretly wanted to go with them anyways. i just shrugged and said "alright". i saw harry - out of the corner of my eye - mouth the word yes. "so at around 4 or 5 we will all get up and packed and will leave by 6. " he said. i really wasnt looking forward to waking up early. i am not a morning person... After a long day watching tv and eating and sleeping, i finally said "im going to bed guys see ya in the morning" "wait jess there isnt enough room on the couch or in the guest bedroom for all the boys. one of them has to sleep in your room on the pull out bed" said my dad. holy shit. i am gonna sleep with a one direction member. "i will!'' said harry "no i want to said louis "nope its gonna be me" said niall and they started fighting. "STOP! i said loudly "how about this. rock paper scissors" i said. "okay fine" said louis "rock paper scissors shoot" i yelled. niall did paper, louis did scissors and harry did rock. "harry youre out" said niall. "shit" he mumbled "okay again. whoever wins this wil sleep in my room with me. rock paper scissors shoot" i yelled. they both did rock "again rock paper scissors shoot" i said and the same thing happened. after 5 more turns niall did paper and louis did scissors. "YES I WIN IN YOUR FACE!!!!!"  said louis. "okay fine. you win this time." said niall "okay lets go to bed love" said louis grabbing my and and pulling me upstairs. after gatting settled and everything i  sat up to talk to louis. "hey do you think nialls gonna do something to you shile your sleeping?" i asked him "nah! if he does ill just do i back" he said. then i fell asleep with louis falling asleep too. about and hour later harry came in "hey jess can i sleep with you? i had a bad dream" he said smiling. "well i guess there is room on my bed" i said patting the area open "o my god look at louis" i said laughing and pointing at his face. niall had put whipped cream on his face. "oh my gosh!" said harry. then after 5 minuets of rapid laughing, we finally went to sleep. harry put his arm around me but i didnt care. but i promised myself i would not fall for him or anyother one of them. JUST FRIENDS. until the next morning...

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