Live While We're Young

jessicas dad just so happens to be in the music industry. also it just so happens that his new clients are one direction! but jessica has a rough time keeping a promise she knew she'd never keep....


1. suprise

i was sitting in my room on my laptop checking my twitter. i have been looking at the one direction twitter page. i really love them i though and if only i could meet them in person. i just found out about them thanks to my best friend lilly. what would i do without her? i have been watching their video diaries, find the phones and all the other videos by them imagineable. i shut my laptop and started to doze off when "jess! come here for a second i want you to meet my new clients" yelled my dad. oh great. i always hated when my dad brought home new clients. they were always wannabes."okay ill be there in a sec" i yelled. i walked over to my closet and picked out my favorite pair of white jean shorts. and a grey tank top that said love in big red letters. and i threw on my navy blue toms. i put my hair in a messy bun then i opened my door and walked down the stairs without my dad noticing. he must have been talking to the client. i got to the bottom of the steps and went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. i grabbed the orange juice and got a cup. i poured the orange juice and then "hi jess this is one direction" and i felt like i was holusinating. his new clients were not one direction. i didnt even care to look. then when i went to put the orange juice away i saw my dad standing next to me. "say hi to them jess i kniw you dont like my new clients all the time but i think your mind will change once you meet them" he said "okay fine"i said following him into the living room. i stopped in my tracks. "hello love you are?" asked harry. "i-uh" i said. i probably sounded retarded. he grabbed my hand and kissed it. i blushed. "this is one direction" said my dad i pulled him away. "what the fuck dad you should have told me" i said i a nasty tone "jessica ann watch your language we have guests. and i did tell you." and we walked back into the living room i sat on the couch where niall was sitting "hi! im niall" he said "hi im jessica!" i said back. "hey mr.lopez" said niall (lopez is my last name) "do you have any food?" he asked "yes follow me" said my dad winking at me. i stuck my tounge out at him. niall and my dad went into the kitchen leaving me harry zayn liam and louis in the living room. "hi" i said nervously waving my hand. liam looked at my necklace. it was of course my one direction necklace i should have taken off. "ahhh i see you like one direction" he said "yeah sorta kinda" i said. "well your dad is super nice" said zayn "thanks" i said. "your dad kept telling us you were really pretty" said louis "im not" i said back "yes you are" blurted out harry. i blushed really bad. i could feel it. then my dad and niall walked in breaking the silence.

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