Live While We're Young

jessicas dad just so happens to be in the music industry. also it just so happens that his new clients are one direction! but jessica has a rough time keeping a promise she knew she'd never keep....


5. plane

(this chapter will be fairly short sorry!)

in the plane, i sat next to harry and louis. harry and i held hands during the whole ride. i sat next to the window. the view was amazing. i dont think it could have been better.i fell asleep for like 5 minuets because i was so tired from lack of sleep last night. i had the worst dream. i had a dream that the plane we were in crashed and harry died. but as soon as i saw that harry was dead in my dream, i woke up with a jump. "whoa you  alright there?' asked lois "yeah. just a bad dream. im all good." i said with a giggle. then a woman came by toask if we needed anything "well id be glad to help you" said the woman with a wink at harry. i stood there with my eyes wide open "umm excuse me here but fuck off thats my boyfriend" and she looked at me "sure you dont need anything because clearly you dont" she said rolling her eyes "girl im gonna cut your head off and shove it up your ass now that will be all. bye" i said with a smile "damn girl" said harry "well you were protective over me ill do the same to you" i kissed him on the cheek.then i stuck my headphones in and rested the rest of the way there.

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