Live While We're Young

jessicas dad just so happens to be in the music industry. also it just so happens that his new clients are one direction! but jessica has a rough time keeping a promise she knew she'd never keep....


3. leaving

"JESS WAKE UP!" yelled lou "errrrr" i said rolling over. "jess you gotta wake up its almost time to go" he said "okay okay fine. wait did you get the crap off your face" i asked giggleing "yes was that you?" he asked "No it was niall"i said getting up and going to my closet. i got out my favorite pair of skinnies, my british flag long sleeve and my black uggs. i ran to the bathroom to get changed and do my makeup. when i got back to my room all the boys were sitting on my bed. "good morning!" said harry"good morning" i said pulling out my pink suitcase. i went over to my closet and threw random outfits in my suitcase. and my string bikini. and my holister jacket, and flip flops plus a pair of converse. then i grabbed one of my favorite bags that i went nowhere without. i threw in there my phone, my beats headphones,wallet,sunglasses, real glasses,and ipod. amd then iwent to the bathroom and put my makeup shower items and stuff girls use to get ready and went back to my room, all my bags were gone and so were the boys. okay? come to find out the boys took my stuff downstairs for me. awww. DONT FALL FOR THEM! i thought to myself. and walked downstairs. "okay we need to get to the airport. the tour bus is at london wich is were we are going" said my dad "okay lets go" said harry. we all filed out of the house and got into the car. it was really stuffed up in there. i was sitting in the back with harry and liam. in the middle was niall and zayn and in the front was my dad driving and louis in the passenger. "turn on the radio lou" i said to him. i laughed because one directions lve while were young was on the radio. this was my favorite song by them. i started singing "hey gil im waiting on ya, im waiting on ya come on and let me sneak you out, and have a celebration, a celebration, the music up the windows down, yeah well be doing what we do just pretending that were cool, and we know it too, yeah well be doing what we do so tonight..." and the boys started singing the chorous. "lets go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun, i know we only met but lets pretend its love and never never never stop for anyone tonight lets get some and live while were young..." and we all sang the rest of the son. "wow youre a good singer jessica" said liam "thanks you are too" i said both of us started laughing. then i fell asleep the rest of the way there. apperently harry and liam fell asleep too because they were both leaning on me when i woke up. lol.then we got to the airport wich was when things got crazy............

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