Live While We're Young

jessicas dad just so happens to be in the music industry. also it just so happens that his new clients are one direction! but jessica has a rough time keeping a promise she knew she'd never keep....


6. bus

when we landed, harry picked me up and carried me to the tour bus because i fell asleep.i woke up in a bed that was constantly moving. i must have been in the bus harry was laying right nest to me. oh how sweet. he was watching me sleep waiting for me to wake up. when i finally woke up harry was right there to greet me. "helo love" he said. "hi" i said with tired eyes. "the boys and i were gonna watch a movie until we got to danielles house to pick her up wanna come" he asked 'sure i replied

when me and harry got into the "living room" we sat on the couch. i sat between louis and harry. i leaned on harry and pecked at his neck a lot. we decided to watch love actually. it was a really funny movie. i laughed and laughed the whole movie. then there was a really romantic part and harry kissed me during it. he kissed and kissed and kissed me. it felt amazayn. he put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. then i whispered in his ear "not now theyll see us" and then he whispered 'tonight' and i got really nervous and happy. i hugged him he rest of the movie. i coudnt wait till tonight.

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