Live While We're Young

jessicas dad just so happens to be in the music industry. also it just so happens that his new clients are one direction! but jessica has a rough time keeping a promise she knew she'd never keep....


4. airport

when we got to the airport we walked to the desk to see what time our flight was 10 oclock. it was now 7 now. we had 3 hours. "im gonna go get a pretzel at the cafe over there b back in 10" i said. and i was off. and yes it was stupid of me to go by myself. "can i have an original pretzel please" i aske dthe lady at the counter. "uh yes that will be 7.94 please" she said back. i searched my pockets and found ten dollars. "here you go" i said handing her the money "keep the change"i said smiling at her "thank you so much" she said with a smile. and i started walking away. i sat down at a bench to eat my pretzel. a couple minuets passed and i had finished my pretzel. i got up and threw it away. and then of course, i forgot where i was and didnt know where the boys were. i started walking around looking for someone to help me find them. i was helpless. soi just started heading straight. i took out my phone and looked through my contacts to find my dads number when i saw harry had put his number in it. i called it. "pick up!" i said. no answer. "shit" i said outloud. then i started walking again. i came across a really cute guy. "hey i couldnt help but notice that you looked lost" he said "oh yes do you uh know where flight d is" i asked him. "sure come with me" he said. and thats when he made the biggest mistake of his life. he reached over to me and grabbed my face and kissed me. i tryed to pull away but he made me kiss him still. i started pushing him away but it wouldnt work. "HEY GET OFF HER" said harry running twards us. "is this your boyfriend" he asked slapping my face "yes you bastard" harry said kicking him in the balls. i started to ball my eyes out because he hit me so hard ifell to the gound "niall help her while i finish this little bitch"said harry. "love are you okay?" he asked me "yes thank you can you help me up" i asked "yes sure" he said and helped me up and walked me over to a bench. i saw harry beating the shit out of the perv. "what did he do to you?" he asked me "he grabbed my butt and forced me to kiss him" i said starting to cry again "oh jess dont cry" he said pulling my head twards his shoulder. later security came and took care of what happened. harry got away witha small warning and the guy got aressted for sexual harrassment. then i was thinking over the whole situation. i remembered that harry said he was my bofriend... i was actually glad he said that. "hey love are you okay?" harry asked me hugging me "yes thank you so much. hey you said you were my boyfriend" i said "well i just said that to" and i cut him offn with a kiss. it felt nice. i felt like i needed to be with him. i felt right. but even though i told myself that i wouldnt fall for him or any of the boys, i am gonna have to forget that. we realesed from the kiss. "idont care why you said it. its true" i said hugging him. "okay then are we dating?" asked harry "i guess we are" i said gripping him tighter. he is mine. then after an hour went by, we finally got on the plane...

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